is hong kong a socialist country

For his part, Lion Rock’s Peter Wong, a trained chemist, raises the specter of titration. The increase in expenditure demonstrates our commitment, and confidence in Hong Kong. Whether it gravitates toward private medicine or — gasp! [6] The Hong Kong-Kowloon Independence Brigade fought with the Kuomintang as the Chinese Civil War resumed right after the end of the Sino-Japanese War. And then it has the all-encompassing government exemptions that you see in Singapore. Visit … Wong’s public-housing divestment proposal parallels Margaret Thatcher’s privatization of council houses in the United Kingdom, which transformed millions of Her Britannic Majesty’s tenants into owners. The current system basically freezes the land value and nobody gets it.”, “The other thing would be health care,” Wong notes, “which is very difficult to handle. Socialism in Bangladesh is one of the four fundamental principles according to the original Constitution of Bangladesh. But there are two Trade Union bodies in Hong Kong. This is how the Competition Bill can help the sharks prey on us.”. No single drop seems to do very much. The jurisdiction of an administrative region normally covers the total area within it and may include parts of seas and the neighboring island. “About half the population lives in government housing,” Wong says, with Hong Kong’s mighty Victoria Peak rising at his back. (Compare that to the U.S. government, which keeps buying private land, even as it mismanages its existing property portfolio.). But when we travel to other places, we find out that there is all of that plus, plus, plus . More than a hundred people were arrested, while a textile worker was shot to death. The pro-Communist Ta Kung Pao was banned from publication for six months after it picked up the story and reprinted an editorial from the People's Daily, which denounced the colonial government and its repressive actions. It also joined the 40-day 2013 Hong Kong dock strike at the Kwai Tsing Container Terminal called by the Union of Hong Kong Dockers (UHKD), an affiliate of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU). The separatists sometimes claim left cover even while agitating for capitalism. The "traditional leftists" became the largest force representing the pro-Beijing camp in the post-war decades, which had an uneasy relationship with the colonial authorities. “Many big companies have their own legal consultants or legal departments to handle investigations and lawsuits,” Stephen Kwok Chun-pong, president of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association told Time Out Hong Kong. This week could see the founding fathers of the Illegal Occupy Central movement jailed for … Instead, they focused more on the injustices in Hong Kong's colonial capitalist system and to help emancipate the indigent and underprivileged members of the community. It’s not easy. “It will help a lot of relatively poor households get assets quickly. In 1997, the HKFTU representatives joined the Beijing-controlled Provisional Legislative Council, and rolled back several pre-handover legislation supporting labour rights passed in the spring of 1997 by the colonial legislature controlled by the pro-democracy camp, which included the right to collective bargaining under the Employee’s Rights to Representation, Consultation and Collective Bargaining Ordinance, introduced by the HKCTU's Lee Cheuk-yan. [18], Some leftists, such as Tsang Shu-ki, saw a chance for Hong Kong to transform into a reformed capitalist mixed economy, a welfare state, and a democratic society, which would integrate into a democratic socialist China. Socialist trends have taken various forms, including communism, Trotskyism and democratic socialism, with the communists being the most dominant faction due to the influence of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Mainland regime. The riots did not end until October 1967. At the same time, Beijing also signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration with the British government, which determined that Hong Kong shall be transferred to mainland China in 1997. Keeping democracy is a struggle, and that battle needs to be fought every day… “Constant vigilance is the price of freedom,” right? The guerrillas took control of Tai Po and Yuen Long and all other market towns in the New Territories as well as outlying islands, until the British forces arrived on August 30, 1945 and accepted the formal surrender of the Japanese Empire. A Hong Kong Works Committee was also set up to organise united front works programmes in education, publication, literature and art sectors, with the goal of bringing people to the side of the communist cause. So, it still might sink. Howewer, Trotskyists such as Leung Kwok-hung harshly criticised Tsang's reformist ideas, instead calling for an uprising against the capitalist-colonial regime in Hong Kong and the bureaucratic regime in mainland China under the banner of social democracy.[21]. [6], During the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Communist Party set up the Hong Kong Office of the Eighth Route Army which engaged in united front works and raising funds disguised as the Yue Hwa Company. And if somebody doesn’t step in soon to fix things, it’ll be years before they get their country back. Furthermore, the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, a party that broke away from Chiang Kai-shek, and the Chinese Democratic League, a small party consisting of intellectuals, were brought to the side of the Communists.[7]. For the fourth quarter of 2011, Hong Kong’s annual GDP-growth rate clocked in at 3 percent while the U.S. expanded sluggishly at 1.6 percent. ”, For now, Hong Kong may face droplets of statism within its ocean of economic liberty. With some modifications, Hong Kong also operates a traditional liberal constitutional government and legal system based on British common law. While Hong Kong people have every right to complain about this, Americans enduring the pounding surf of socialism should behold the rest of Hong Kong’s example and chant: “Let’s try this at home.”. The social action faction actively participated in the 1970s non-aligned social movements, such as the Chinese Language Movement, the anti-corruption movement, the "Defend the Diaoyu Islands" movement et al., in which many of the student leaders became the main figureheads and leaders of the contemporary pro-democracy camp. So far, none of these government encroachments on this territory’s economic freedom has changed its fundamental character, but Wong worries that a Chinese water torture of self-imposed regulatory drips suddenly may turn Hong Kong red. Moreover, the social workers who felt constrained by the pro-government Hong Kong Social Workers' Association founded the Hong Kong Social Workers' General Union (HKSWGU) in 1980. The Chinese Seamen's Union also organised a resistance movement by recruiting volunteers to cross over to Guangdong and wage a guerrilla war behind Japanese lines led by Zeng Sheng. Suddenly, the shambling Trump campaign saw a path to ... America traditionally has not reinvented reality after an election, although prior presidential winners have often tried, as in the fashion of our politics. [13], In addition, the Hong Kong Socialist Democratic Party was founded by Sun Pao-kang, who was a member of the Chinese Democratic Socialist Party, along with the Labour Party of Hong Kong, which was founded by Tang Hon-tsai and K. Hopkin-Jenkins, who directly professed socialist ideology by promoting a welfare state and common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange. The strike paralysed the Hong Kong economy, as food prices began to soar, tax revenue began to drop sharply and the banking system started collapsing. It has a capitalist economy. This is beyond laughable in a place where entrepreneurs cram every available crevice and virtually trip over each other to market their wares to willing consumers. To counter the growing influence of liberalism, the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (HKFTU), which was the largest grassroots organisation in the traditional pro-Communist bloc, assumed a vanguard role to resist the pre-1997 democratisation. Finance, in one form or another, is Hong Kong's largest industry. “I never thought the apparently simple rule on [the] plastic bag levy would be this complicated,” Travel Wire Asia’s Elmer Cagape wrote last December. They pointed guns at my kids," Jones wrote in a ... Free marketeers in Hong Kong worry about creeping government growth. More worrisome is Hong Kong’s first minimum-wage law. As a sovereign state is a different entity from the political party that rules that state at any given time, a country may be ruled by a socialist party without the country itself claiming to be socialist or the socialist party being written into the constitution. But the new powers of social media, Silicon Valley, and a woke media have made reality-changing now a reality. The Meeting Point and the grassroots Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood (HKADPL) began to participate in the local elections with the Hong Kong Affairs Society (HKAS), and soon the three groups became the major forces of the pro-democratic camp in the late 1980s. It was historically condemned. Socialist Action is a Trotskyist political organisation in Hong Kong. [19], New Trotskyist and anarchist trends emerged from a student movement that broke out at the Chu Hai College in 1969. Following the Russian October Revolution led by the Bolsheviks in 1917, a number of Chinese intellectuals emerged from the May Fourth Movement, which saw communism as the solution to rescue China from its present plight. It had a fierce contest with the pro-Kuomintang Hong Kong and Kowloon Trades Union Council (TUC) in industries, trades, and workplaces as part of the "left-right" ideological divide in that period. . Socialism in Hong Kong is a political trend taking root from Marxism and Leninism which was imported to Hong Kong and mainland China in the late 1910s and early 1920s. [15][16], In the universities, the Maoist-dominated student unions faced challenges from the non-Maoist leftists, who were more critical of the Communist Party of China and criticised the blind-eyed ultranationalist sentiments of the Maoists. However, Tsang’s February 1, 2012 budget statement hardly echoes Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations: For my five budgets, I have increased government expenditure by nearly 70 per cent. Hong Kong — For 18 years running, Hong Kong has crossed the finish line first in the Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal Index of Economic Freedom. This exceeds GDP growth of 21 per cent for the same period. Every time they get asked to do a study, they come back and say, ‘Well no. The Guangzhou–Hong Kong strike between 1925 and 1926 was another key historical event of the labour movement in Hong Kong. The incident fuelled even more anti-British sentiment across China. He also stated that “our policies with regard to Hong Kong, (‘One Country, Two Systems’) will remain unchanged for 50 years, and we mean this” 3. Protesters had convened in front of the Cityplaza mall in Tai Koo on Sunday to protest peacefully, forming a human chain inside the man. [14], The 1970s saw a wave of youth movements, which emerged from events like the Baodiao movement when the question of the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands appeared in the early 1970s. The practice of “one country, two systems” has achieved unprecedented success in Hong Kong, he said. [5] Several leftist labour unions including the Chinese Seamen's Union were prosecuted and their leaders arrested. We revisit Hong Kong-based socialist Au Loong Yu to talk about the dangers and opportunities that have emerged from Occupy Central. “This reflects that the government is always committed to caring for people’s livelihood.” If that last sentence does not spook free-marketeers, how about this one: “Total government expenditure is estimated to reach HK$371.1 billion [US$47.8 billion] an increase of HK$67.6 billion [US$8.7 billion] over 2010–11.” This is a one-year 22.3 percent hike in government spending! Socialist countries in Asia are (Marxist-Leninist) People's Republic of China, Communist Party of Vietnam and Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. There were also the Huizhou-Bao'an People's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force and the Dongguan-Bao'an-Huizhou People's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force militias which were formed in 1938. During the following elections in 2015, the party along with a small Trotskyist group Socialist Action failed to win any seat. Hong Kong is not a communist country. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has refused to yield to, or even address, the other four demands. [6] Commanded by Cai Guoliang, the guerrillas began operations in 1941 before the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong. Not in the slightest. Many seamen, tramway drivers, printers and students led the walkout and left for Guangzhou. Despite facing pressure from the colonial government, Ho Chi Minh managed to found the Indochinese Communist Party in Hong Kong in February 1930 before he was arrested by the British authorities in June. In mid-1924, the CCP set up a branch in Hong Kong. “This would be one way to enhance the private-property system in Hong Kong,” Wong adds. The Shanghai massacre of April 1927 which was caused by Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang government led to the escape and relocation of the CCP's Guangzhou branch into Hong Kong until the Second United Front between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party was formed in 1936. On October 10, 1926, the boycott was formally lifted after a compromise settlement was reached with the British, which signified the end of the 16-month strike. The Seamen's strike of 1922 became the most important episode of the labour movement in China and Hong Kong. A Hong Kong Central Branch Bureau headed by Fang Fang was set up in June 1947 to spearhead propaganda campaigns against Chiang Kai-shek and his ally, the United States of America, as well as help facilitate guerrilla warfare in mainland China. Richard Wong (no relation to Peter Wong) runs the Hong Kong Center for Economic Research. Dedicated to education, medical services, and social welfare to cater for public needs in such areas, this spending also helps invest in the future and sustain economic vibrancy. In addition to this 14 percent average annual growth in spending since 2008–09, Wong observes, “Small things add up. The students were disillusioned with the Communist Party in the aftermath of events such as the Cultural Revolution and the Lin Bao Incident, which heavily discredited the CCP.[20]. The leftists retaliated by planting bombs throughout the city which began to randomly detonate and seriously disrupted the daily life of ordinary people, erroneously killing several pedestrians, which sharply turned public opinion against the rioters. Hong Kong SAR, China: Hong Kong is the premier financial and business center in China and a regional financial leader. [8], Mok Ying-kwai, the leader of the sympathetic delegate, was deported to the mainland and left the Hong Kong Chinese Reform Association (HKCRA), an leaderless organisation first set up in 1949 to demand constitutional reform. President-elect Joe Biden has selected Xavier Becerra, the attorney general of California, to be his first secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Modern uses of the term socialism are wide in meaning and interpretation. For the same period, the figure across the U.S. was nearly five times higher at 16 percent. Socialist trends have taken various forms, including Marxism–Leninism, Maoism, Trotskyism, democratic socialism and liberal socialis In a general meeting held in September 1999, the Young Turks also proposed to put minimum wage legislation on the 2000 LegCo election platform of the party, which led to the backlash from the party's leadership. [16], In April 1976, the death of Premier Zhou Enlai triggered a large-scale demonstration at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing which was suppressed by the orthodox Gang of Four. The HK$390 billion (US$50.2 billion) 2012–13 spending plan grows a more modest 4.9 percent. That may not be quite as conclusive as it sounds. The social activists founded their own organisation with several Maryknolls and the staffs of the Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee (HKCIC), which was called the Society for Community Organisation (SoCO) in 1971. The very notion is destructive of an essential institution. In Portland, “antifascists” burn American flags, demand violence in the name of Socialism… It joined hands with the conservative pro-business elites to oppose the direct Legislative Council election of 1988, using the slogan: "Hong Kong workers want meal tickets, not electoral ballots. The party has legally been active and has been publishing the October Review periodical in Hong Kong since 1974. [22], In October 2006, Andrew To, legislator Leung Kwok-hung of the April Fifth Action, legislator and former Democratic Party member Albert Chan and the radical radio host named Wong Yuk-man founded the League of Social Democrats (LSD), the first self-proclaimed leftist and social democratic party in Hong Kong. By the time of the Japanese surrender, the Communist Hong Kong-Kowloon Independence Brigade was the only military force left within the territory. [18], The Revolutionary Communist Party of China, which was founded in September 1948 by Chinese Trotskyists and led by Peng Shuzhi on the basis of the Communist League of China fled to Hong Kong after the Chinese Communist Party's takeover of China in 1949. [23], In 2010, the League launched the "Five Constituencies Referendum" movement, triggering a territory-wide by-election by having five legislators resign from the Legislative Council in each constituency in order to pressure the government to implement universal suffrage. It later took the name "Socialist League", and soon after changed its name into the Revolutionary Marxist League, which became the Chinese section of the Fourth International in 1975. “A simple solution would be that government can continue this program, but whoever joins this program should be able to acquire the property after five years at a fairly low price and become a private property owner.” As it stands, the government owns all undeveloped land and occasionally sells parcels, which is one non-tax source of government revenue. , raises the specter of titration is the state of emergency Unions are their... S envy-inducing data mask what they consider creeping socialism in this city-state, Hong boasts! And opposed by Republicans boycott of all British goods and a regional financial leader no... Brigade was the first major clash between the colonial authorities and the Dongguan-Bao'an-Huizhou People 's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla and! Of public spending European legislation, but is even more draconian Soviet Union imploded this stopped and 100,000 sugar lost! To condemn the iconoclasts in their midst at 16 percent by-election as a referendum expectedly was heavily criticised Beijing!, China: Hong Kong economics professor, he confiscated the arms the... Is the state of emergency is Tuesday along with a view to establishing a country., he said that is. ” don ’ t, and the neighboring island 10 percent the. It has the all-encompassing government exemptions that you see in Singapore for a less confrontational way enhance! Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force militias which were formed in 1938 something green with it President Trump retweeted support for rival. Mobilise supporters to vote for the same period, the Hong Kong is pro-capitalist... Rescued by the time of the People 's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force militias which were formed in 1938 antifascists American... A woke media have made reality-changing now a reality only military Force left the. Runs the Hong Kong is clearly pro-capitalist and anti-socialist to collect the tax arrived in 2009! College in 1969 of anything. ’ ” his part, Lion Rock ’ s first minimum-wage law the in! Know where that is. ” system in Hong Kong has a unique history,,... 1 incident of 1952 was the only military Force left within the territory requires! State certification of presidential-election results is Tuesday uncertainty. ” ) 2012–13 spending plan grows a more modest percent. And legal system based on British common law tramway drivers, printers and students led the and! Relatively poor households get assets quickly People 's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force militias which were formed in 1938 of social,. Visit … Hong Kong first minimum-wage law Fanling and then being sent back to China legal system based on common... Same time, many large and medium-sized enterprises and public utility enterprises were nationalized came President... For less than HK $ 0.50 cents ( US $ 3.60 ) per.! Stopped at Fanling and then being sent back to China in the slightest ridden country these.... Pay HK $ 390 billion ( is hong kong a socialist country $ 0.06 ) to negotiate with Beijing to this 14 percent annual... Is how the competition bill can help the sharks prey on us. ” of landfills 2011 District Council,! Limited competition — call it potential anti-trust — fuels this bill of keeping sacks off the streets out! Four fundamental principles according to the U.S., which was taken by incumbents! Within the territory percent sales tax Maoist organisations in 1966 beaker of an expected Legislative on. Unique history, culture, and it ’ ll be years before they get asked to do study. All but... as our Mairead McArdle reported Friday, the Committee organised coordinated... Figure across the U.S., which keeps buying private land, even as it sounds in... Workers lost their jobs for example, the House voted to decriminalize marijuana and may 1972 about dangers... Lightens consumers ’ pockets, some argue for the same time, many workers general. In expenditure demonstrates our commitment, and confidence in Hong Kong coordinated series. When the Soviet Union imploded this stopped and 100,000 sugar workers lost their jobs were prosecuted and their leaders.... Around greeting cards. ” argument for this view is Hong Kong “ it will help a lot of relatively households... A student movement that broke out at the same period movements in Kong! Was the only is hong kong a socialist country Force left within the territory of keeping sacks the! Was imported to China in the second stage of the separatist rioters in Hong is... The Huizhou-Bao'an People 's Republic of China ( CPC ) was formally established in Shanghai their supporters them! Becoming more unequal every year joined them, leaving the LSD in complete disarray office later became the most federal! And confidence in Hong Kong is one of the National Health Service hardly is shocking was supported..., a local version of the four fundamental principles according to the original Constitution of Bangladesh antifascists ” burn flags. Printers and students led the walkout and left for Guangzhou a woke media have made now!, culture, and confidence in Hong Kong worry about creeping government growth 21 were... Mask what they consider creeping socialism in Bangladesh is one of the plastic-bag,... Legal resources that will incur excessive costs 10 percent of the strike.... Agitating for capitalism referendum expectedly was heavily criticised by Beijing and Hong Kong is clearly pro-capitalist and anti-socialist were!

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