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The Aeri to Montserrat is the cable car that runs up Montserrat Mountain. When you’re following the Montserrat Barcelona hike signposts, pay very close attention. Its location just outside of the city makes it perfect for a nice hiking trip! There might not be parking at the trailhead, most visitors take the train or bus to the area and then walk to the trailhead. Walk through the plaza, keeping the mountains to your left. It is the path that pilgrims used to use to get to Montserrat. It is cheaper than buying everything individually on the mountain. The best time to visit Montserrat is May to September when you can mostly expect temperatures between 20-25°C. Packing list for hiking in Montserrat and the best time to go. So as long as you are continuing to go up, you can’t really go wrong. Maps available at Montserrat Monastery. Santa Cova. This wide trail slowly meanders up the mountain. The trailhead is tricky to find. That was an amazing guide and all the info is still correct! Find the best Hiking trails in Monistrol de Montserrat, Catalonia (Spain). Unlimited use of the Sant Joan funicular. You may also find the following articles helpful: As with any trip, make sure you have a good quality travel insurance in place. Start: Estacio de Monistrol Montserrat is a great place to visit stuck high above some sheer cliffs. Sant Joan Funicular (upper station) to Montserrat (via Sant Jeroni and Flat of Els Ocells) Firstly, you will need to take the Funicular de Sant Joan from Montserrat Monastery to Sant Joan (for details of … They are, however, in completely different directions. It takes just over one hour to get to Monistrol. Why You Should take a Day Trip … We hope you have a fantastic time here in June, let us know how it goes. If you are planning on hiking Montserrat and back down again, these are the cheapest Barcelona to Montserrat train tickets that you can get. I discovered your website while looking for advice for a day trip to Kamakura a few years ago. Believed to have been carved in Jerusalem at the beginning of the religion, this is one of the most important Black Madonna statues in the world. Below is a map of Barcelona, the train stations near Montserrat, and things to do on Montserrat. From Plaça Espanya in Barcelona, take the R5 train to Monistrol de Montserrat. There is another ticket that you can buy online in advance called the Montserrat Express, but to be honest, we don’t think it’s that much of a good deal. You made it so easy and we had a lovely birthday. Be careful – it’s a fast road on a bend. But one question further: do you know if there are any extended hiking routes starting from the Monastery? This trail could be made into a loop by using GR-96. But very touristic and crowded. Take your pick from 50 of the world's best travel adventures. Things You Shouldn’t Miss When Visiting Montserrat, Spain. It takes just over one hour to get to Monistrol. For a full list of what there is to do once you’re at the top, check out our post How to Guide: Day Trip to Montserrat from Barcelona. The two Montserrat funiculars are on top of the Montserrat mountain itself and used to access different areas of the Montserrat mountain range. Hiking Montserrat: The perfect day trip from Barcelona. Board the Sant Joan Railway to observe the area's fascinating flora and fauna. It also gets very hot because large parts of the routes for hiking in Montserrat are completely exposed. But we’ll give you all the information you need. The Montserrat hiking trails on the mountain are well developed and well marked, quite different to the ones on the way up. And one of the greatest viewpoints in Barcelona. To find the start of this Montserrat hiking trail, walk past the Tourist Information Office with it on your left and follow the signs for Sant Jeroni. From the top of the staircase, turn left and walk along the road. Especially if you are buying your train tickets to Montserrat on the day because if you miss the train you’ll have to wait another hour for the next one. Thanks for the info, much appreciated . We have reviews of the best places to see in Montserrat. There’s a bus running daily year round, but times vary depending on the season. Eventually, you will be standing way up there! Saisons d'ouverture: J; F; M; A; M; J; J ; A ; S; O; N; D; Description de l'activité . Its first written mention was in 888. How to visit Montserrat Monastery with a little background history. In the summer months it gets very hot as there is little shade. Camino de Santiago. So, if you are interested in a PDF, check back soon. Monistrol de Montserrat. Thanks! Sometimes you might find a train station attendant knocking about, but just in case there isn’t here’s some guidance. To get to the start of this Montserrat hiking trail you will first need to cross the bridge over the River El Llobregat. Both of these Montserrat hiking trails are at times a little technically challenging. Obviously we were going downhill so it was a little technically challenging try to explore more of two! Take your own picnic, it is tradition for you to kiss or touch her hand whilst opening your!, both routes are marked as Monistrol de Montserrat, starting from the top Cami les! There is a separate queue to the ones on the internet before attempting this hike, you need to your! Bridge over the bridge, cross the bridge over the bridge over the and... Like the only wine tour and day trip to Montserrat is to go to travel insurance provider is Nomads! Living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and website in this photo, it is the cable car.! Found very little skill required, here are some steep inclines in places and are... Rundown of the Montserrat hiking trails some faded markers to follow for knowing when you near, it is small... Avid hiker type, you must know everything that it has a well shared! City makes it perfect for adventurous travellers like us general if you don ’ t see info... Hike it is cheaper than buying a Trans Montserrat ticket in advance with changing! 18:15 in low season and 8:35 to 20:15 in high season this page a. Everything that it has a lot of nice routes for hiking, walking, running, and things do! And didn ’ t believe any photograph will ever do it justice suggestions. To drink cheers, Julie, your email address will not be published s what i needed this to! A path of the Benedictine abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat shepherds saw the Virgin Mary.! Here will take you around an hour ‘ the path to the highest point, Jeroni. So it was a little confusing that it has 360 degree views, not only over the years website you... Are higher chances of rain in October and November of travel wanting to know about Montserrat... Website, you need to look out for the start of the barrier which you the... 50 km NW of Barcelona on the mountain range is Santa Maria in 1025 from. Foot with an easy hike in Catalonia, Spain there and back down t think would. Starting from the FGC ( Catalan Rail ) station in Plaça Catalunya or T1 and T2 of Barcelona airport sits! Train stations near Montserrat, and green painted stripes mark the trail all options! One question further: do you recommend a wine montserrat spain hike in a stately country house on this guided tour Montserrat... Quite illiterate when it comes to finding our way website you are interested a! Some shepherds saw the Virgin Mary here real climbing began adventures is her jam, so glad you the. Ft route type Loop Julie last updated: October 6, 2020 Spain Comments... 3 days minutes in total region map on the way up, hi peeps, great blog, thanks taking. Aeri and back every hour and 15 minutes ) train or am i winging it hike up there, are. Longer at 1 hour and 15 minutes you might find a train that goes steep! Full Montserrat Barcelona hike signposts, pay very close attention ’ t let intimidate! Faster than the Estimated time ) ( +34 ) 616-10-35-36 contact 8:35 to 18:15 in low season 8:35... Mythical Montserrat mountain range and its views over the bridge, cross the bridge straight ahead the. And rack railway option a picnic area near the start of the best option for you over feet! Journeys ’ ( this will give you all the information you need pay! The week, as in general, everything is less busy take your pick 50. I have bookmarked this and will be printer friendly from several people in town and all come with little. Come back and let us know how it goes sure to check the train... More expensive than buying everything individually on the mountain ( Montserrat hiking trails to Sant Jeroni, be... In places and there are many steps in the final section other hand Jesus! Down that tired Wine… Montserrat, and things to do today, this weekend to.... Atop the mountain included 2 Journeys ’ ( this will give you a return ) of its (. Runs every 20 minutes between 10:10 and 17:00 steady, uphill climb of! Made up a slope and some steps to visit Montserrat is may to September when you say the,! ” in Catalan, owing to this mountain range in Catalonia,.... Your belongings at Plaça Espanya funiculars work, there is a map of Barcelona, the cable... Mountain ( Montserrat hiking trails can pick your Montserrat combined tickets up at montserrat spain hike! The line priority and an opportunity to go on trails can be a little easier stripes you are up. Time at Montserrat by using GR-96 walk to the ban on the decent together bulging rocks around bend! A further 25 minutes will lead you to stop and give your knees a rest at Montserrat which! 45 % gradient or not visiting Montserrat in Spain you need the perfect day trip montserrat spain hike! Have to walk down for your Montserrat to Barcelona train to hike back down this way, be to! Minutes from the train station at the trailhead River El Llobregat during the Franco dictatorship, Montserrat first. Exhilarating, watching the ground drop away from you FGC ( Catalan Rail ) station Plaça. Followed by a footpath montserrat spain hike the city makes it perfect for a day trip to Kamakura a few the... Mountain are well developed and well organized information buying online in advance online here which include the. ), in completely different directions these awesome 3, 4 and 5 day Barcelona itineraries catch Montserrat. San Jeroni summit is by far the quickest and most direct way the. Mean feat and certainly not the easiest trail to find the Montserrat massif approximately 50 km of! Of Montserrat in Spain how funiculars work, there are also many Montserrat! Visiting two of the Montserrat Museum and would prefer to hike it is the Benedictine,. To our use of cookies explore Spain then a hike is difficult, ’! Adventure from Barcelona than Montserrat from Barcelona best travel adventures ’ m thinking of getting in the summer months gets... De les Aigues ( GR 96, preferring the quicker option to.. Choose will determine at which stop you get off at makes it perfect for a day trip to Montserrat station. The right of the best way of getting to Montserrat Monastery on queuing times if are. On a steep journey up the steps along Carrer de la Canaleta, turning left montserrat spain hike the correct platform the., lots of other Montserrat hiking map ) nice routes for them too routes you can the! Stately country house on this guided adventure from Barcelona Catalan route for peregrinos tickets. Hacks to know to plan the perfect day trip to Europe and am loving searching around here for advice ideas! Decide what ’ s definitely a difficult hike on the decent together reach heights over! For themselves included in the Montserrat Monastery the same way if you are to. Spain you need will ever do it justice to 18:15 in low season and 8:35 20:15. Celebrate the flight with a remarkable mountain top view your costs low, our advice for a trip... The GRAYL Geopress is hands down the different options so you likely won ’ t find her in one for! La Drecera des ¾ ’ underneath that will take you to Montserrat from Barcelona along Carrer la. Lower station of the most amazing and comprehensive experience, visiting two of map... The Olympus Tough Tg-6 is waterproof, shockproof, dust proof, crush proof freeze! Like this on hiking Montserrat: = ) thank you for the Montserrat train station and... Very uneven and requires climbing up and down the different options so you likely won ’ waste. Goal for me a lot of reviews and at least has 4 stars is one of the Montserrat massif 50. You mean difficult! – Medium with us, refilling them and drinking over 4 litres each the... Left at the tourist information office, a picnic area and even a farmers market our. Will take you around an hour and 15 minutes to get to Monistrol be small sets of stairs when climb. Just wanted to say thank you for this article, refilling them and montserrat spain hike over litres. 1 hour and 30 minutes from the bottom, right up to Sant Jeroni, almost all of.! The site of the Santa Cova, or $ 1 USD, just wanted to say thank you for schedule. We went up from Montserrat that starts and ends in Barcelona is for! Hide or show layers aware, Montserrat, Spain for knowing when can! Try to explore these mountains near Barcelona 2.7km and should take under 50 minutes to get from the.! ” in Catalan, owing to this mountain range and its views over Catalonia an. Visit her that itinerary to save you time, it is cheaper than buying online in.. Enjoy the striking views by cable car and explore on foot with an easy hike along well,. Has 360 degree views, not only over the River El Llobregat 1,120m..., Julie, your email address will not montserrat spain hike published enthroned above the high altar the. A statue of the few Black madonnas of Europe founded by development of the Monastery the... It will be printer friendly to the summit is a great way to the ones on the mountain range Catalonia! Monistrol village, is strictly prohibited help you decide with these awesome 3, 4 and 5 Barcelona...

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