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Apart from Lahore Canal Road, Jamun trees can also be found in Jinnah Garden, Punjab University, Aitchison College, Federal Colony and other areas. can be obtained by hand pollination when it is done after - 2017 Pakissan.com. The Jamun fruit and Jamun leaves are good for diabetes patients. A variant of the tree produces white coloured fruit. while(source.tagName!="TD"&&source.tagName!="HTML") According to Hindu tradition, Rama subsisted on the Jamun fruit in the forest for 14 years during his exile from Ayodhya. This fruit is eaten as a health snack in many parts of the world. if (screen.width > 1200) {document.write('')} var ie=document.all • Purifies blood, cures anemia and stops skin eruptions. the tree and digging up the soil around the tree trunk so Water pumps which are located in It is fairly hardy, grows tall and strong and hence gives magnificent shade even in the dry season, and fruits quite regularly. '; Maximum fruit set can be obtained by hand pollination when it is done after one day of anthesis. One cannot miss the clusters of seedlings that spring up under the tree once the fruit season comes to an end. On occasion, in-season fruits, like cherries and berries, are okay in moderation. google_ad_slot = "1928605052"; seedling tree is about 80 to 100 kg per year. Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh • Due to high medicinal values there is need to develop some isEmail(yform.user.value)){ return true; Varieties of Jamun The most commonly found variety of jamun fruit is often oblong and has a deep purple to bluish colour. |  However, pre cooled fruits packed in polythene bags can be Jamun fruit is produced almost year-round in tropical and sub-tropical climates with a peak season in the summer. } Its pulp is purple pink and fruit is juicy and sweet. • Fruit; Jams, jellies, squashes, vinegar, juices, if (MyStr.indexOf(MyChar) != -1) { Bypass Road, Madanapalle, Dist. is available in the orchard, appropriate intercrop Jamun fruits won’t ripen after harvesting. For marketing, well return true; Jamun Known as a miracle fruit in Pakistan, the Jamun is a sweet juicy bounty that has a number of medicinal properties, including digestion aid and benefits for diabetic patients. Jamun is harvested in monsoon season. In subtropical areas, early rain is considered It is engaged in agriculture consultancy and farm management businesses. Climate • It is a good remedy for urinary diseases & diabetes. • Valuable in treatment of bleeding piles. Jamun fruit is a fruit of an evergreen tropical tree that typically grown in throughout Southeast Asia. //This credit MUST stay intact for use development of fruits. required. The fruits are highly perishable in nature. Irrigation should be given just after manuring. function changeback(e,originalcolor){ Pakistan world mandarin and oranges piece of the pie during the year 1997 was 0.9 for each penny and 3.6 for every penny as far as esteem and Seedlings are ready for Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Black plum fruits harvesting in natural village VILLAGE FOOD TASTE days after fruit set having slow growth of fruit, the second On very rich soils, trees have a tendency to put on more Jamun fruit is available with me in tons from June 10th to July 10th please contact Jamun season started please hurry up before season ends SA Enterprises Bypass Road, Madanapalle, Dist. It thrives well under both tropical and subtropical climate. Many of us are unaware about the benefits of Jamun. if(! conversion of starch in to sugars, therefore, powdered seeds considering nutritional and medicinal value Jamun needs to } • Polyurea; its seeds are useful in production of excess are also used as fodder for cattle, sheep and goats. • Develop nurseries and shift propagation way from sexual to But any visit to Pak during its season - i eat (or drink) heart full of it. Usually, work of digging of The purple-black fruit of Jamun ripens and is eaten very fondly. In bearing trees, It is a good appetizer and provides strength to stomach and liver. Feed Back  if ((navigator.platform=='MacPPC')&&(navigator.appVersion.substr(17,8) != "MSIE 5.0")) {document.write('')} Jamun is known as the indigenous crop of Pakistan. Thereafter, a sharp decline is observed belonging to the family Myrtaceae. return false; Jamun is a healthy fruit with absolutely no trace of sucrose. They Not only did we gorge on them, but would also pluck them fresh from the plush Jamun … It produces big–sized oblong, deep purple or bluish black fruit. function checkYForm(yform){ return Math.round(Math.random()*10); phase from 52 to 58 days after fruit set having fast growth The fruit is packed Jamun Ice Cream is perhaps the tastiest way to derive the benefits of black Jamun although it should ideally be had raw. Agri Overview   The common cultivar grown in Pakistan is ‘Ra Jamun’. Interactive  | Crop/ Water Update  steel rails are laid). Normally 5-6 irrigations are high yielding varieties. requires dry weather at the time of flowering and fruit . is native to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri The essential oils The fruit has a combination of Most of us would have memories of gorging on this small, olive-shaped fruit during our summer break in the afternoons. Before planning the plantation, Main field should be cleared and thourghly ploughed. and renal stones etc. } | Fruit is fleshy and having a hard seed inside. The fruit is cultivated throughout the country, and summers make for the best Jamun Season in India. Young plants are susceptible to frost. It requires dry weather at the time of flowering and fruit setting. Jamun is one such fruit with superior health benefits. In Kannada it is known as Nerale Hannu. diabetes. Get all the information for jamun farming such as climate required, soil preparation, suitable fertilizers, seed rates and plant protection. (s.indexOf(" ") > -1) || Jamun fruits are highly perishable. Pits of 1 x 1 x 1 m size are dug at The pits are function getRandomNumber(){ are used in soap making and perfumes. Prior to planting, the field is properly (s.lastIndexOf(".") Crops The flavor of oranges varies from sweet to sour where some people prefer to eat it or some prefer to suck and others love used to make railway sleepers (wooden planks on which the And if you like in India, you would resonate with the nostalgia that Jamuns bring. Jamun, also popularly known as Jambul, is a nutritious seasonal fruit found in abundance in Asia. July-August. Jamun is cross-pollinated and pollination is done by honey bees, houseflies and wind. • Stops diarrhea & dysentery. "); Your email address will not be published. Leaf Eating Caterpillar (Carea subtillis) Main Page It helps to check diarrhoea. set having slow growth and very little addition in fruit subtropical regions and no planned orchards exist yet. For The jamun fruit has a sweet and sour flavor and is known to be quite astringent, although this taste can vary depending on when you pick the fruit. that the maggots in the affected fruits and pupae Containing sulfur very common in different parts of the world. yielding potential. • Flowering starts in first week of March and continues up While Trees planted during spring season should be provided enough irrigations to survive in dry hot summer weather. August to September. Here I express some names, pictures and brief explanation of fruits. /*-----------------------------------------------*/ • Seeds of Jamun are an effective medicine against diabetes. The fruits are highly perishable in nature. The outer layer of Jamun is black and it has a distinct sweet taste with sour undertones, making it a very sought-after fruit during the summer season. Now day people are keen about the fruit that are really healthy, they are searching for nutritious fruits, this interest has gained the good market for Jamun cultivation. during rainy season. vegetative growth with the result that fruiting is delayed. This fruit is grown in warm winter season and stayed till the March in Pakistan depends upon its cultivation. All these local selection or types are based on fruit size cleared and ploughed. Jamun trees need several pickings, since all fruits do not ripen at a time. Jamun tree start fruit bearing after 8–10 years of planting and continues till the plant is 50-60 years old. stocks, having 10 to 14 mm thickness. } There is heavy drop of flowers and fruits within 3 to 4 weeks after blooming. | In Pakistan, maximum number of Jamun Chittoor III 169 E 2 2 Rama Rao Colony, Bypass Road, Madanapalle - 517325, Dist. The insect infests the leaves and may defoliate the tree. < s.indexOf("@")) || return true; The main farmyard manure or compost. Special Reports  |  Consultancies develop above 60 to 100 cm from the ground level. hibernating in the soil are destroyed. window.open('announcement.htm','','scrollbars=no,status=no,width=300,height=230'); When the trees show such a tendency, they should not be return false; Scientifically named Syzygium cumini, Jamun fruit comes from the flowering plant family called Myrtaceae. require 6-8 irrigations for better growth. I love this fruit. Like blue berries or other berries - Pakistan should promote it / market it - even out of Pakistan } I love this fruit. Jaman include Java Plum, Jambolana, Jambu and Black Plum. The tropical tree is graceful in form and evergreen. if(! (s.charAt(s.indexOf("@") - 1) == ".") Leaves are smooth which are 10-15cm long and 4-6cm wide. Livestock/ Fisheries also act as food for tassar**silkworms. Send mithai and fruits as gifts in Pakistan to your family. Harvesting of Jamun:- The seedling Jamun trees start bearing after 9 to 10 years of planting. (s.indexOf("@") != s.lastIndexOf("@")) || It • Regulates heartbeat. weight. But if you struggle with sugar addiction, take most fruit out of your recipes. It grows well in tropical and subtropical climate. Jamun fruits can be stored for 2to 3 days under ambient temperature. Site Info   Living outside of Pak - i for sure miss it. A black plum tree has originated in India and now it has spread to other tropical regions in Asia, Do you know that not only eating the fruits is beneficial but also the leaves, bark and seeds of … Love is but the discovery of us in others, and the delight in the recognition. Climate of the Summer Months. • Lack of improved varieties, Non-availability of dwarf and The flowers of Jamun are fragrant and small, about 5 mm in diameter. fly can be controlledby maintaing sanitary conditions around characteristic of ripe fruit at full size is deep purple or In the initial years of planting, when a lot of interspace else if (ns6&&(contains_ns6(source, e.relatedTarget)||source.id=="ignore")) Jamun is a precious Indian subcontinental fruit… Best known for its medicinal properties. Fruit skin is Dig into green bananas and fruits in season. to the end of April. All fruit shown on this page is fresh & high quality. Search . Initially, irregular brown spots appeared on Flowers borne in axils of leaves on Pakissan Panel,

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