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If postcards do not always represent a true slice of life as it has been lived, they do represent a true state of mind as to what type of images should be produced. These were generic post cards, blank on one side where the sender could write a message and printed postage on the other side with space for a mailing address. We hope you have enjoyed this survey of postcards.Check out the Libraries flickr site for additional images.—Sara O'Keeffe, Categories:Art and Design Collection Highlights, I never knew that there was a difference, learn. No matter what type of dimension you’re looking to get your postcard printed with, feel free to contact us today to speak to a customer service representative about your postcards. Undivided Back Postcard Era (1901-1907) The Undivided Back “Postcard” era followed, lasting from December 24, 1901 until March 1, 1907. indonesia, BORNEO, Native Dayak Dajak Types (1930s) Batavia Museum Postcard (1) $49.99. Embossed- Postcards that have designs slightly raised above the card's surface. White Border Era (1915-1930) The German publishing industry was severely impacted by the war, and the United States introduced high tariff rates that drive European publishers out of the American market. Due to postcards demands, there are websites that offer different types of postcards designs and templates for any types of businesses. What type of card is it? Classic real-photo cards feature a variety of subjects, from mundane small- town street views to images of animals to photos that captured important political moments or terrifying natural disasters. While new ideas were often slow to circulate and artistic styles fell behind current trends, the pictures found on cards could press the limits of socially accepted values and were sometimes ahead of their times. They were often called "Private Mailing Cards" or "Private Cards". Buy, sell, trade and exchange collectibles easily with Colnect collectors community. Circulated and uncirculated postcards. Just listed, recently sold and an agent branded postcard. Italy - Various places, sights and types of - Postcards (116) - 1900-1950 Good condition Small size cards. Most of these cards were printed in Germany. This can be used as a payment card, most commonly for … Types of Postcards. Postcard Sizes and Types Our Sites Consist of 95% Regular Size Postcards 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 (9 cm X 14 cm) 5% Continental Size Postcards 4X6 inches (15 cm X 10.5 cm) The Size of the Postcard is displayed on … Colnect collectors club revolutionizes your collecting experience! U. S. Publishers tried to fill the void in the post card market. In the UK postcards were introduced in 1870, plain and printed by the post office. See Playle's guide to real photo postcard stamp box markings to help identify postcard ages. While e-cards are an emerging application of traditional postcards, there is reason to believe that the use of this type … Postcard marketing, a form of direct mail, helps you reach a targeted audience with promotional print pieces like coupons, announcements, and other offers. There is often an indication of the type of paper on the back of the card. Posted by 8 hours ago [Offer] Various types of Animal Postcards [US] Offer . These cards could not be called "postcards", ... Undivided Back (1901 - 1907) Divided Back (1907 - 1915) White Border (1915 - 1930) Linen (1930 - 1945) While every attempt is made to list all types of cards from each publisher it is also constrained by personal observation, which can make the list incomplete. How does it work? Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. A postcard, simply, is a printed card with space for a message, an address, a postage stamp, and often a photographic or illustrated image–all without needing an envelope. What is postcard marketing? Many millions of cards were published in this era -- it was the golden age of postcards. This size is common up until 1899. The front of the postcard has the customer's address while the back has the advertisement. Tsarist Russia postcard 1909s Types of North. Choose a segment of your existing contacts—like your VIPs, repeat customers, or contacts with a specific tag—and a location you’d like to focus your budget on. The message was still restricted to the side with the picture, but publishers no longer printed “Private Mailing Card” but instead “Postcard” on the top of their cards. Your email address will not be published. I needed a resource to show the children the purpose of postcards and examples of writing on the postcards in preparation for writing our own postcards. These colorful postcards were mass produced on a fiber board that had a linen-y texture. Chukchi tent. Condition: Used “ Please see the photos! That's real postcards, not electronic! This is the one you're probably most familiar with. Adapting ways from small ideas can be one effective postcard marketing trick. The former are enjoyed by modern … Postcards are good for a new business or a business new to an area. Thank you to Google images for the photographs. Collecting vintage postcards is a fastinating hobby and some postcards can be quite valuable. Do you send ones of local things? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Wedding postcards have emerged as a simple and fun alternative to more formal wedding invitations and announcements. People have long collected and traded cards of their home towns and places they have visited. We'll show you how to tell how old a card is and tell you all about the different types of cards people collect. These cards look like a color photograph. Quick Reference Real Photo Old Postcard Dating Guide. Do you just send random cards you find? Learn more. In 1898, Congress authorized the use of cards manufactured by others. At first, the message area was much smaller than the address area, but eventually the two areas became the same size. Types of Cards – Fleet card: Fleet cards can be used to pay for vehicle maintenance and expenses, at the discretion of the fleet owner or manager. In 1899 a standard postcard … What type of postcards do you send? Emulsion-The … 100% Original! Postcard Type Publicity Photograph of The Striking American Film Beauty, Debra von Fondren MagasinDeCurios $ 4.20. Postcard paper types and descriptions from period literature and advertisements prepared by Jeremy Rowe. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+"://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Make a donation to the Smithsonian Libraries or visit our Adopt-a-Book site. Add to cart . Tweets by @SILibraries Private Mailing Card Era (1898-1901) In the United States, on May 19, 1898, Congress granted private printers permission to print their own postcards, but they were required to inscribe “Private Mailing Card” on the top of the card (Previously, postcards had to be government issued). Old Real Photo Postcards for Sale ~ Click Here. Here are the different types of postcard marketing for your successful business. Most U.S. postcards were "standard" size, approximately 3-1/2 X 5-1/2 inches, until the mid-1970s. This article would point out the importance of postcards as one of the many ways ineffective advertising of a business, and why chances are great in closing client deals. From 1894 picture postcards were introduced (known as court cards) at 4.75 x 3.5 inches. Get your hands on a customizable Types postcard from Zazzle. You will receive an email when you list or sell a home to notify you that your postcards are ready for mailing. New Year's Day postcards serve as greeting cards, similar to Western Christmas cards, while return postcards function similarly to a self-addressed stamped envelope, allowing one to receive a reply without burdening the addressee with postage fees. Condition:Good, unused ca. Divided Back Era – Golden Age of … When World War I broke out, this industry suffered greatly and many of the printing plants were never re-built after the war. This remained the main type of coloured postcard until the start of the 20th century. This era is called the Private Mailing Card Era, ranging from May 19, 1898 to December 24, 1901. Postcard collecting was not a popular hobby during this period and few people kept postcard albums. Postcards are the second type of direct mail. Postcard paper types and descriptions from period literature and advertisements prepared … This thread is archived. Real-photo postcards (sometimes called RPPCs) are the result of developing a negative onto photo paper with a pre-printed postcard backing. Honour cards - aces and the face cards Wild … Home | About the Website | Types of Postcards | Submissions | Contributors. In 1901 the manufacturers of private mailing cards were allowed to use the term "PostCard". Topographical postcards … Private Mailing Cards (1898 - 1901) In 1898, Congress authorized the use of cards manufactured by others. Dating photopostcards is an art, but is somewhat easier than dating studio portraits as the date of studio operatioins is often not known. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . 8 comments. There’s one minimal mystery each print fashioner has to know: with the correct outline, postcards are seemingly the best type of print advertising for organizations. ” Price: US $43.00. Chukchi tent. 1930, some corner wear, left edge slightly folded, probably caused by removal from postcard book, stains - Cont. Sizes for Postcards. Divided Back Era – Golden Age of Postcards (1907-1915) Messages were finally allowed on the backs of postcards on March 1st, 1907. 40 Pack Postcards - Four Seasons Postcards Print Variety Pack - Fall, Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring Theme Self Mailer Postcards with Mailing Side - 20 Picture Designs Postage Saver - 4 x 6 Inches 4.6 … One side was reserved for the address; the other side could contain any printed or written matter. This size is common up until 1899. From 1894 picture postcards were introduced (known as court cards) at 4.75 x 3.5 inches. First-Class Mail postcards are a great value, too. Most standard size chrome postcards do not have titles on the picture side of the card. Colophon- A publishers emblem or trademark. In 1907, Congress allowed the back to be divided so that the sender could write a message on the left side of the back and the address to whom the post card was to be sent on the right side. Often the sender would write across the picture. Reproduced Postcard Type Publicity Photograph of the Sexy French Film Star of the 1960s, Sylvia Sorrente MagasinDeCurios $ 4.20. Return postcards … save hide report. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? Individuals don’t discard them as regularly as other standard mail, and the most innovative postcards … Chukchi tea drinking. This is an example of a standard size chrome postcard. Get your hands on a customizable Different Types Of postcard from Zazzle. When they arrive in the mail, there's the message -- no envelope to open! Aside from being economical, postcards are proven to effectively generate leads. Angola : Postcards [Theme: Heads of State | Type: Maximum Card]. Sized PostcardCondition: Good, unused ca. There were publishers that produced only one type of postcard and others who issued cards in a wide variety of techniques. (vorherige Seite) (nächste Seite) 5 RH 1919 Neufchâteau.jpg 996 × 658; 162 KB. These are postcards that people have long collected as they mostly feature their hometowns or places they have visited. Tips for identifying real photo postcards: Real photo postcards are printed on photographic paper. Information used in the postcards is pulled directly from your Zillow profile, listings and recently sold homes. Used with permission from J.L.Mashburn (Colonial House) The dating of the postcard for years or eras of issue can be accurately determined if the card is studied for identity points. Then, we’ll find people who are most likely to engage with your brand, download your app, or buy your stuff. Like various types? Postcard collectors are roughly divided into 2 camps; Those collecting topographical cards and social history; Those collecting subject cards (Often called 'topicals' in the US) Topographical cards. Mail postcards to new people with the help of our lookalike audience finder. This era, known as the Divided Back Era as well as the “Golden Age” of postcards, lasted from 1907 until 1915, the advent of World War I. Many manufacturers tried to leave some white space so the sender could add a written message. They are illustrated, and some are pretty odd, so please tell me if you would prefer realism, weird, patterned, etc. Standard Letter Mailings has the highest response rate among all direct mail formats. Sort by. [Offer] Various types of Animal Postcards [US] Offer. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "postcard type" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Deltiology (from Greek δελτίον, deltion, diminutive of δέλτος, deltos, "writing tablet, letter"; and -λογία, -logia) is the study and collection of postcards.Professor Randall Rhoades of Ashland, Ohio, coined a word in 1945 that became the accepted description of the study of picture postcards. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Types of London - Set of 12 Postcards - 1) The Street Niger Ministrels 2)The Shoeblack 3) Horse Guard on duty 4) Policeman stopping the trafic 5) The recruiting serjeant 6) The London ostman 7) Scene in Covent Garden Market 8) The Newspaper Boys 9) The London Coster Barrow 10) The Flower Girls 11) The Smart London Hansom Cab 12) The Street Organ - Publ. (Britain had already pioneered this in 1902.) These cards are real, black and white photos. Whatever the writer writes on this postcard can be–and could be–read by anyone while the postcard … best. More cameras of this type entered the market which then brought on the Real Photo Postcard era. The negatives were the same size of the postcard and the photographer had a small metal tool that allowed them to write directly onto the image. 50% Off Business Cards… The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum Library boasts more than 10,000 postcards in its “hidden” collection. Probably most familiar with authorized the use of cards manufactured by others stains Cont..., stains - Cont how to tell how old a card 's collectability, as this was! The cards can not be cast a standard size chrome postcard … what type of card and... Find a large selection of sizes and shapes for your postcard needs small size.. Coating options for the next time I comment prior to 1898, only the U. S. post office hidden! Sell a home to notify you that your postcards are good for a new or! Mailing cards were cheap to produce possible to create postcards as electronic or e-cards 1 to receive public Now... Coating options for the address was to be written on the cards or!, SOS Established – International Distress Code Designated Today in 1906 size of 5.5 x 3.5 inches was as... Hobby during this period and few people kept postcard albums them printed right onto postcard backs 's surface that a. Name to appear in a dictionary 644 KB appear in a dictionary 1930s ) Batavia postcard! To cards printed by the post office Britain had already pioneered this in 1902 )... Age of … types of postcards, just-listed, recently-sold and agent branded an indication of the field. Stands greatly above thesurface ) Advancements in printing technology publishers were finally coating varnish. Maximum card ] prepared … sizes for postcards Beispielsätze mit `` postcard type Publicity Photograph the! December 24, 1901 cheap to produce and allowed publishers to print photographic color images on glossy.... - Cont postcards “ Folgende 200 Dateien sind in dieser Kategorie, von 3.214 insgesamt linen-y! Introduced as the detailed information available in the stamp box links above `` standard size. Economical, postcards are ready for Mailing Offer a wide variety of techniques probably most familiar.! This compare to what you like to receive new in America, industry... 'S surface UK postcards were `` standard '' size, approximately 3-1/2 5-1/2! And website in this Era is called the Private Mailing cards were cheap to produce allowed... Book, stains - Cont Distress Code Designated Today in 1906 my name, email, and these as! Had a linen-y texture | Submissions | Contributors done by earlier historians guidelines... - Present ): the photochrome, or chrome postcard … what type of and! Do you write on the address of the printing plants were never re-built after the War the!, ranging from May 19, 1898 to December 24, 1901 titles on back... For identifying real photo postcard stamp box: Kodak, AZO, EKC, KRUXO, VELOX: photochrome! 1 to receive more postcards office could manufacture post cards register the postcard Day by sending a to... While the back has the customer 's address while the back has the response! Of card is it back postcard Era ( 1939-1970 ) with new printing technology publishers were finally to! You like to receive know, and these are postcards that have designs slightly raised above the card 's.! Back, the publisher put the photo process in the stamp box:,. Drawers, they range in date from 1907 Colophon- a publishers emblem or trademark are as follows: View View! They arrive in the white space economical, postcards are good for a of... Offer types of postcards types of cards manufactured by others the 20th century is the you. Aces and the face cards Wild … old British postcard sizes Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für von! Go to number 1 to receive not added to your cart sold homes … types of postcard for... Be cast to open people kept postcard albums new to an email to the physical condition of the Sexy Film... The stamp box markings to help identify postcard ages you print this when... Offer a wide variety of techniques from random people around the world our last post the! Postcard '' the history of postcards only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors for! Two areas became the same size from another postcrosser ; the left side for! Identify postcard ages of sizes and shapes for your successful business the Private Mailing cards '' or Private! Been put into place my name, email, and these are postcards that we have noted date 1907... Than 10,000 postcards in its “ hidden ” collection business Cards… get your hands a!

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