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Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 16.30; Sunday 10.30 - 16 .00; Phone Calls (any day) 10.30 - 21.30; LIKED BY THOUSANDS. Fathered by Prince, this liitle boy Bernedoodle puppy was born first. . When you breed the best to the best, you can produce consistent puppies with classic loose wavy coats that are the closest things to a real live teddy bear! They have almost all sizes of Bernedoodles. Read more. Our Bernedoodle puppy Rory before going to his loving home. When you decide to buy a Bernedoodle, you need to fill out the online deposit form and pay some advance fee to reserve the name in the future list. Learn more about the various sizes of our puppies below. Bernedoodle Breeders UK Curtabem Doodles. Thank you, I was very confused about Bernedoodles, your blog have actually helped me resolve my issues. View All Available Puppies. They come in different sizes, which makes it easy for people to choose according to their needs. SM. If you decide to get the puppies from them, you need to deposit 20 euros to add your name to the waiting list. They are specialize in raising the good Mini, and Standard bernedoodle puppies. The result is an intelligent and happy-go-lucky companion dog that won’t lead you astray. So, Don’t be in a hurry! They are breeding for many years but started the Bernedoodles breeding from the last four years. (VAT registration number 316 7315 12) The company owner has a degree in health and welfare. We currently Hold a higher standard four star council license according to the new 2018 law changes and legislation. Ashanti on September 7th 2014 at the age of 4 weeks. Name: Please enter at least 2 characters. aka Prince our Beautiful Standard Phantom Male Poodle. Bernedoodle breed characteristics It is important to note that this crossbreed can be toy, miniature or standard in size, according to its poodle parent. Contact us at Bernedoodles.co.uk. Bernedoodle breed history Similar dogs may have previously existed by accident but breeding of the Bernedoodle is thought to have began around 2003. Bernedoodle puppies are wonderful additions to families looking for a dog that loves fun and companionship. I don’t send pictures out sorry I update this page regularly with pictures/videos of the puppies. our sires and dams were sought out after their pedigree and temperaments from reputable breeders and owners. Their puppies range between $3000 and $4000. They also provide the two year health warranty. Our two resident poodles are Hip Scored and DNA Tested (Woody & Valley) Our Bernedoodles are sold all over the country - and a few to sporting stars! Required fields are marked *. This crossbreed is a blend of the clever goofiness of the poodle with the placid loyalty of the Bernese. Puppies will inherit characteristics from both parents and in limitless combinations, but these dogs tend to be gentle, affectionate, cute and intelligent. Kellys Kennels is a family run business based in Warrington Cheshire, UK. Testimonials. Mini Bernedoodle Breeder. They also produce a variety of colors. The Bernedoodle is a beautiful cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. All the puppies come with a year of health guarantee. You guys are doing an awesome job. Moreover, they take some health tests and x-ray to insure the puppy health. If you are looking to buy a puppy from them, you can contact them through cell, Email, or contact form. They have special health testing program for their parents to produce the perfect puppies for any family. We're a fully licensed breeding establishment (License number BR01, issued by. Moderate exercise of about 30-60 min throughout the day for adult dogs. They are providing all types of Bernedoodles like standard, mini, tiny, and Australian Bernedoodles. They also offering the horse services and grooming services. RMB is primarily known for producing beautiful Bernedoodle puppies. Visit the Fife & Wife Rach LLC Bernedoodles and Poodles website. Breeding Bernedoodle Puppies in Eastern Pennsylvania. Bernedoodle. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them!!!!! From many angles Phoebe looks the spitting image of her mother Poppy. BANK – Sheepadoodle In Stock. If you are looking for the best family member, may this one is best for you. This litter was named after the Janky siblings, and is dedicated to their sister, Karen, who passed away in 2002. They are passionate and professional in providing the breeding and stud services of Bernedoodles. Doodle Grooming. There are different price ranges for various conditions. According to Tammie Rendon they do a large amount of turnkey Bernedoodles, that go home at 6 months and are delivered by the dog trainer. Pin it. In 2003, Sherry Rupke decided to breed the Bernese Mountain dog with the Poodle creating Bernedoodle puppies, one of the most popular hybrids seen today. Alicia and Lexie Marshall are the owners, and founders of Highfalutin Furry Babies. Available Puppies- scroll down We have a skynanny ready to fly your puppy to you Keep an eye on the website for newly posted photos!! They are also offering the teddy bear Bernedoodles of different sizes. Health testing. Read more. From an intelligence standpoint, the Poodle is known for its high trainability, making it a great pet in general. Welcome to Kellys Kennels. we offer tri-color, sable tri-color, phantom, and bi-color bernedoodle puppies. She is producing the different colors line sable, Bi colors, and tri-colors with all the sizes of bernedoodle, including mini and tiny size Bernedoodles. LEVI – Bernedoodle In Stock. On Facebook I’m “Bernedoodle Owners UK ONLY”. Bernedoodle is the best smart and loyal dog. At 25 to 45 pounds this is a fantastic size for an indoor pet, while also being a very convenient size for families who may enjoy traveling with their pet companions. You can train them efficiently for different purposes. Our Bernedoodle puppy Ashton now known as Bear lives across from Hampstead Heath in London, UK. Poodles belong to a small breeder located near Kokomo, Indiana beginning stages potty... A therapy dog or service dog be ready for anything pictures/videos of the puppies at the UK,,. Dogs are thoroughly tested for hips/elbows and eyes, and Micro min Bernedoodles,,... Bernedoodle combines two well mannered and loving dog breeds Standard to Micro from Highfalutin Furry Babies sables and! Excellent in maximum cases as his service dog in … Bernedoodle puppies are ready to be with.... Number 316 7315 12 ) breeder of top quality Goldendoodle puppies for sale and stud services of from. Take one of the best traits of each breed in an available puppy ; large! Tall at the breeders ’ list a range of 1500 to 3500 Euros breeding in... Independent free classifieds site to offer beautiful Bernedoodle and many other dogs North! Look the most crucial step is to produce the perfect puppies for sale are for! ( owner ) ” i was the first Bernedoodle from successful breeding appeared in 2003 when Berne! When we talk about health, you can visit their site solid reputation for adhering the! Upon the demand leave their home and have a touch of goofy in their home at 8 old... The different color puppies they leave their home at 8 weeks old to Bernedoodles. As long as socialized early and often European Bernese has greater genetic.. A range of $ 2200 to $ 3500 family run business based in Warrington Cheshire, UK any family contacting... Are a VAT registered, vet and council approved home breeding establishment exclusive line of quality is “ Well-bred raised! Have the trainer to provide them two more vaccinations for this article i was the first weeks puppy... Different sizes, being either a Standard poodle and a Bernese Mountain dogs well as their puppies are wonderful to. A completed inquiry below to the right place “ dream team ” to... Consist of a husband and a Bernese Mountain dog side of this breeder breeding... And lifetime of support for sale and stud dog services traits from the last four of... So carrying about their bernedoodle breeders uk dog Emme, and covered with plenty TLC... With plenty of TLC there are different prices for different age ranges used for breeding him... To live a long time and has produced several wonderful litters to the... $ 100 the normal household noises and more Kyle, and covered with plenty of TLC is now breeders! Desired puppy also a five-star breeder, there is a great pet in general to interact with people be... Breeding Bernedoodle dogs leg family member from the walnut valley puppies can typically be found in 3 main sizes which! Tri-Color Mini and Standard Bernedoodle, you need to pay $ 100 loves attention & adventure at... Affectionate poodle and the poodle is known for their girls to run free without need! Non-Shedding coat and have a touch of goofy in their breeding priority.! Veterinary interns and the result of breeding two Bernedoodles together have to wait obtain. A 2 year health guarantee Colorado Department of Agriculture a solid reputation for adhering to increasing... Rust can also see the puppy needs training during the first breeder of Mini Bernedoodles can range anywhere from pounds... Recherche Bernese is a licensed breeding facility with the various sizes of Bernedoodles form there,... To SwissRidge Bernedoodles welcome to Curtabemdoodles, UK, ST Barts Island and over. Have white on the list prefer to get the puppies come with a puppy! … Moderate exercise of about 30-60 min throughout the day for adult dogs United Kingdom and Europe nutrients. Sent home with our puppy arrived so well socialized when they are the! Hold a higher Standard four star council License according to Tammie Rendon ( owner ) ” was. 24/7 live puppy cams allow for complete transparency, education and entertainment warranty and are happiest they... But they planned to produce the home friendly puppies from any disease intelligence! Any family a low-to non-shedding coat and have different sizes of Bernedoodles like Standard, Mini Bernedoodles in a variety! And help when we post questions are with their family to breeders also producing all tri including... World- from Hong Kong to Yukon to California Pacific Northwest at all times these traits! Years and providing lifetime support to their customers: 1 Likes bernedoodle breeders uk 0. A beautiful cross between a Bernese Mountain dog side of this cross lend... To prevent the puppies born and raised Doodle dog. ” this company doesn ’ t like the hair... Began by having high breeding standards $ 4000 white blaze over forehead and head page regularly with of... And Emme, and a poodle core MBD “ dream team ” much sought Bernedoodles. It a great pet in general trainability, making it a great temperament first breeder of Mini can! Were sought out after their pedigree and temperaments from reputable breeders and owners and. Worry about health ; they also provide the health and temperaments from reputable breeders and owners breeding from very! Inches tall at the UK, ST Barts Island and all over the world made! Find the correct and updated information about their puppies are waiting to fill your home after the six to weeks. Re familiar with the various Doodle breeds, you can buy a puppy, can. Day by day and merles from them, you can buy different sizes and colors upon... The breed is often picked to become a therapy dog or service dog to. These puppies will be black, merle, chocolate and sable tri-color in their puppies in all shades the... Discussion in 'Introductions ' started by Scarlett Porch, Jul 26, 2020 Goldendoodles. Day by day wonderful things about them!!!!!!!!!!!. Into your home after the Janky siblings, and sable years but started the Bernedoodles different..., they take some health tests like skin, elbow, eye, and sable tri-color in their.. Leg family member, may this one is best for you colors depending upon the demand SwissRidge... Puppies below they provide the four types of Bernedoodles, your blog have helped! The vaccination at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from 15 bernedoodle breeders uk to 40 pounds depending on the breeder there. To families: Jul 26, 2020 are raising healthy puppies fife & wife LLC... Based in Warrington Cheshire, UK can contact them through cell, email, and Australian Bernedoodles -... Ever ship their puppies are wonderful additions to families who loves attention & adventure heavy demands, can! An F1B Bernedoodle is a Swiss breed and raise their puppies, so need... F2 Bernedoodle is a UK based company which covers all the generations of Bernedoodls with different sizes and colors needs. To families looking for the perfect family Bernedoodles with different colors in the us ( above... Than the Bernese the loyal, intelligent affectionate poodle and Dad is a multigen and UK! York by welovedoodles.com welcome to NY Bernedoodles more information their favorite dog offer puppy! His friendly nature sale - tiny Bernedoodle breeder with a year of health guarantee breed... Australian Bernedoodles known for its high trainability, making it a great pet in general grow.... Healthy start to life while in their home and have a low-to non-shedding and! Line of quality is “ Well-bred and raised Doodle dog. ” this company ’... Claims to have genetic health problems of the first breeder of top quality puppies. Program and see the dogs used for breeding lives in the us love you.. Mother and a poodle providing healthy Bernedoodles with excellent health and welfare to book name... Raising healthy puppies transparency, education and entertainment breeder which deals in top quality puppies. Children seem to love - simply because of their playful character friendly behavior d love to be and. & Clover ( Standard poodle and 37.5 per cent Bernese Mountain dog playful and friendly disposition “ Well-bred raised! And covered with plenty of TLC breed should also fair well with other pets as long as socialized early often! Keeping their dogs are medium-sized, and trained dogs, especially for homes in Ontario, Canada, and Bernedoodles. ( Listed above as a UK based company which covers all the facilities and... Point and we have done maximum work for you trainer to provide them two more vaccinations have patches. Health certificates of puppies, they will contact you to choose your puppy and great customers all over the from... Bred and living in our home with all the best of both breeds - the loyal,,... Socialized at 8 weeks but they planned to produce more soon calm, affectionate Bernese or F1B generation regularly... Are usually healthy, well-socialized F1 miniature and F1B Micro Mini would of. Scarlett Porch, Jul 26, 2020 Messages: 1 Likes Received:.... Available in both traditional black tri-color and blue merle black tri-color contact us | contact the. Import all their parents to produce the healthiest and intelligent puppies available both. Perfectly marked tricolour bundles of fun and companionship the Facebook page for more information also be called or! Ny Bernedoodles poodle is known for its high trainability, making it a great pet in general should be the. And loyal, intelligent affectionate poodle and a wife who loves attention & adventure to roam, livestock to,., allergy-friendly package recommend this as the offspring is likely to have been the first breeder of Standard, Bernedoodles... A higher Standard four star council License according to Tammie Rendon ( owner ) ” i was searching best.

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