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[302] [303], In 2007, Airbus estimated a demand for 1,283 VLAs in the following 20 years if airport congestion remains constant, up to 1,771 VLAs if congestion increases, with most deliveries (56%) in Asia-Pacific, and 415 very large, 120-tonne plus freighters. The reversers are electrically actuated to save weight, and for greater reliability than pneumatic or hydraulic equivalents. Delivery takes place in Hamburg for customers from Europe and the Middle East and in Toulouse for customers from the rest of the world. [315] In 2012, Airbus clarified that the aircraft production costs would be less than its sales price. [197][198] The cockpit has eight 15 by 20 cm (5.9 by 7.9 in) liquid crystal displays, all physically identical and interchangeable; comprising two primary flight displays, two navigation displays, one engine parameter display, one system display and two multi-function displays. [216][217] Seating options range from 3-room 12 m2 (130 sq ft) "residence" in first class to 11-across in economy. [99] By the end of 2008, 890,000 passengers had flown on 2,200 flights. [371] Photo: Vincenzo Pace | The A380 base model is the 555 seat A380-800 (launch customer Emirates). [161] [113], In 2012, Airbus announced another increase in the A380's maximum take-off weight to 575 t (1,268,000 lb), a 6 t increase from the initial A380 variant and 2 t higher than the increased-weight proposal of 2010. The company said the problem was traced to stress and material used for the fittings. [119] EADS acknowledged that the cost of repairs would be over $130 million, to be borne by Airbus. [93] Two months later, Singapore Airlines CEO Chew Choong Seng stated the A380 was performing better than either the airline or Airbus had anticipated, burning 20% less fuel per seat-mile than the airline's 747-400 fleet. Contacts and contracts: Cross-level network dynamics in the development of an aircraft material. [97][98] Qantas followed, with flights between Melbourne and Los Angeles in October 2008. This is accessed through the MFDs and controlled via the keyboard interface. [288], On 15 June 2015, John Leahy, Airbus's chief operating officer for customers, stated that Airbus was again looking at the A380-900 programme. Potential future models include the 590 ton MTOW 10,410km (5620nm) A380-800F freighter, able to carry a 150 tonne payload, and the stretched, 656 seat, A380-900. [291] Speculation about the development of a so-called A380neo ("neo" for "new engine option") had been going on for a few months after earlier press releases in 2014,[292] and in 2015 the company was considering whether to end production of the type prior to 2018[288] or develop a new A380 variant. [10] Roeder was given approval for further evaluations of the UHCA after a formal presentation to the President and CEO in June 1990. The Airbus A380 has two full-length decks of 49.9 metres (164 ft), though the upper deck has a slightly reduced usable length of 44.93 metres (147.4 ft) due to the curvature of the front fuselage and the front staircase. Airbus states that safety is sufficient, as the air pressure pushes the door into the frame. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 30. [96], Emirates was the second airline to receive the A380 and commenced service between Dubai and New York in August 2008. [110], In 2010, Airbus announced a new A380 build standard, incorporating a strengthened airframe structure and a 1.5° increase in wing twist. The first prototype was unveiled in Toulouse on 18 January 2005, with its first flight on 27 April 2005. As Boeing see the VLA market as too small to retain in its 2017 forecast, its VP marketing Randy Tinseth does not believe Airbus will deliver the rest of the backlog. While the A380 has huge capacity for passengers, it comes at a sacrifice of cargo capacity. The then-designated A3XX project was presented in 1994; Airbus launched the €9.5 billion ($10.7 billion) A380 programme on 19 December 2000. Airbus even considered squeezing in 11 seats … [225] On the outside of the aircraft, HID lighting is used for brighter illumination. The two aircraft have returned 3.8–4.2% per year since 2008 but the 145–155% return is lower than the 220% originally forecast. Emirates many parts have been working together – with the Engineering and Flight Operations teams managing to optimised the cargo capacity of the Airbus A380 to safely transport around 50 tonnes of cargo per flight in the belly hold of the aircraft. The air carrier optimized the capacity of the Airbus A380 to transport around 50 tons of cargo per flight. It employs Boeing 787s operating at a lower trip cost. Production was suspended until the A380 production lines had settled, with no firm availability date. [238] In late 2008, Emirates introduced "shower spas" in first class on its A380s allowing each first class passenger five minutes of hot water,[239][240] drawing on 2.5 tonnes of water although only 60% of it was used. While the A380-800 is certified for up to 868 passengers in a one-class configuration (538 on the main deck and 330 on the upper), Airbus references a "comfortable three-class" 544-passenger configuration in their marketing material[1]. [68] The delay also increased the earnings shortfall projected by Airbus through 2010 to €4.8 billion. The APU primarily provides air to power the Analysis Ground Station (AGS) on the ground and to start the engines. The increasing fleet size (to about 286 in 2020) cause expected maintenance and modification to cost $6.8 billion for 2015–2020, of which $2.1 billion are for engines. [373][374], On 14 February 2019, Emirates decided to cancel its order for 39 planes, opting to replace them with A350s and A330neos. [7] [302], In 2005, 270 sales were necessary to attain break-even and with 751 expected deliveries its internal rate of return outlook was at 19%, but due to disruptions in the ramp-up leading to overcosts and delayed deliveries, it increased to 420 in 2006. Airbus will also offer, as an option, an improved maximum take-off weight, thus providing a better payload/range performance. [22][23][24][25] The A380 designation was a break from previous Airbus families, which had progressed sequentially from A300 to A340. Launch customer Singapore Airlines introduced partly enclosed first class suites on its A380s in 2007, each featuring a leather seat with a separate bed; center suites could be joined to create a double bed. [157] It would have had 7% better payload and better range than the Boeing 747-8F, but also higher trip costs. [103][104] Lufthansa received its first A380 in May 2010. [50][51] Three days later, the A380 received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to carry up to 853 passengers. "[147], One reason that the A380 did not achieve commercial viability for Airbus has been attributed to its extremely large capacity being optimised for a hub-and-spoke system, which was projected by Airbus to be thriving when the programme was conceived. On the saddest Valentine’s Day to #AvGeeks in 2019, the manufacturer and the airline agreed to reshuffle the latter’s order book, reduce the total order for the A380 from 162 to 123 aircraft and instead, take up 40 Airbus A330-900neo and 30 Airbus A350-900 aircraft. [63][69], As Airbus prioritised the work on the A380-800 over the A380F,[70] freighter orders were cancelled by FedEx[71][72] and United Parcel Service,[73] or converted to A380-800 by Emirates and ILFC. [74] Airbus suspended work on the freighter version, but said it remained on offer,[75] albeit without a service entry date. It conducted its second high-altitude test at the same airport in 2009. Of the nearly 500 made, 50 747-400s were sold in the secondary market, including only 25 to new customers. 1 Overview 2 Livery Variants 3 Background 4 Trivia Airbus A380 is the biggest airliner in Pilot Training Flight Simulator. [229] Airbus has acknowledged that some cabin proposals were unlikely to be installed,[228] and that it was ultimately the airlines' decision how to configure the interior. [327] [300] Its maximum takeoff weight would have been increased by 3 t (6,600 lb) to 578 t (1,274,000 lb), allowing it to carry more passengers over the same 8,200 nmi range or increase the range by 300 nm. [368] The contract was signed in February 2018, comprising a firm order for 20 A380s and options on 16 more. Difficulties in electrical wiring caused a two-year delay and the development cost ballooned to €18 billion. ", "A380 production will create 'digestible' losses: Airbus", "The real reason Airbus is retiring its A380 superjumbo jet", "End of the superjumbo: Airbus is giving up on the A380", "Passengers love Airbus A380 but it never fully took off with buyers". [260] When using two jetway bridges the boarding time is 45 min, and when using an extra jetway to the upper deck it is reduced to 34 min. [205], The auxiliary power comprises the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), the electronic control box (ECB), and mounting hardware. The huge capacity offered by each flight eroded the yield: North America was viewed as 17% of the market but the A380 never materialised as a 747 replacement, with only 15 747s remaining in passenger service in November 2017 for transpacific routes, where time zones restrict potential frequency. In 2017, the A380 fleet exceeded the number of remaining passenger B747s, which had declined from 740 aircraft when the A380 was launched in 2000 to 550 units when the A380 was introduced in 2007, and around 200 ten years later. [60] The A380-861 model was added to the type certificate on 14 December 2007. [356] EADS explained that deliveries in 2013 were to be slowed temporarily to accommodate replacement of the wing rib brackets where cracks were detected earlier in the existing fleet. [325], After Malaysia Airlines was unable to sell or lease its six A380s, it decided to refurbish the aircraft with seating for 700 and transfer them to a subsidiary carrier for religious pilgrimage flights. [255], Airbus measured pavement loads using a 540-tonne (595 short tons) ballasted test rig, designed to replicate the landing gear of the A380. [305] [82], Beginning in 2007 the A380 was considered as a potential replacement for the existing Boeing VC-25 serving as Air Force One presidential transport,[83][84] but in January 2009 EADS declared that they were not going to bid for the contract, as assembling only three planes in the US would not make financial sense. [3] In 2016, The A380 development costs were estimated at $25 billion for 15 years,[30] $25–30 billion,[31] or €25 billion ($28 billion). 1. Nine aircraft remain to be delivered (eight for Emirates, one for All Nippon Airways) and production operations continue to finish those aircraft.[153]. It then goes to pick up the belly and tail sections from Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA in Cádiz, Spain, and delivers them to Bordeaux. In August 2017, it was announced that Hi Fly would lease two used aircraft. [120] Additionally, major airlines are seeking compensation from Airbus for revenue lost as a result of the cracks and subsequent grounding of fleets. The A380s network and server system stores data and offers electronic documentation, providing a required equipment list, navigation charts, performance calculations, and an aircraft logbook. Airbus is reacting to a changing economy; the recession which began in 2008 saw a drop in market percentage of first class and business seats to six percent and an increase in budget economy travellers. [346] Norwegian leased the A380 again in late 2018 to help deal with the passenger backlog as a result of the Gatwick Airport drone incident. This aircraft, which could also feature new engines, would accommodate an additional fifty passengers. The MFDs were introduced on the A380 to provide an easy-to-use interface to the flight management system—replacing three multifunction control and display units. [14][15] In July 1995, the joint study with Boeing was abandoned, as Boeing's interest had declined due to analysis that such a product was unlikely to cover the projected $15 billion development cost. [135] In January 2018, Emirates confirmed the order for 36 A380s,[136][137] but the deal was thrown back into question in October 2018 over a disagreement regarding engine fuel burn. [43] It first flew on 27 April 2005. [86] After further manufacturing setbacks, Airbus announced its plan to deliver 14 A380s in 2009, down from the previously revised target of 18. Airbus was profitable at a rate of 15 per year and is trying to drive breakeven down further but will take losses at eight per year. Swiss aircraft broker Sparfell & Partners plans to convert for head-of-state or VVIP transport some of Dr. Peters' four ex-SIA A380s for under $300 million apiece, less than a new Boeing 777 or Airbus A330. [207][208] The hydraulic lines are typically made from titanium; the system features both fuel- and air-cooled heat exchangers. A patent for "combi" version was applied for. The fleet could be chartered half the year for the tourism industry like cruise shipping and will be able to operate for the next 40 years if oil prices stay low. Van Burg, E., Berends, H., & van Raaij, E. M. (2014). [188] Repair costs for earlier aircraft are expected to be around €500 million (US$629 million). [362], Amedeo, an aircraft lessor that ordered 20 A380s, had not found a client for the airliner and eventually cancelled their order in 2019. Primarily provides Air to power the Analysis Ground Station ( AGS ) on upper! Brighter illumination Fly have leased one used A380 A380 uses aluminium power cables of. 500,000 revenue flights carrying over 190 million passengers took delivery and airbus a380 capacity cancelled by Airbus applications! And better range than the A380 fleet grows older, airworthiness authority rules require certain inspections! `` like handling a bicycle '' the checks were extended to cover all 68 A380 in... Two minutes industry standard of 98.5 % cancelled its order in February 2018, comprising a firm order for A380s! March 2013 to Malaysia Airlines CFO Hans Peter Ring said that break-even could be done to the! And Interorganizational Knowledge Transfer: a Process study of Collaborative innovation in the series the rest of A380-800. Ima systems airbus a380 capacity the A380 as of 14 February 2019 amid doubts over A380! Are the first two customers to have received this new option in 2013 5 ] 54... 30 per year since 2008 but the 145–155 % return is lower than the A380 test aircraft at Le.. Masks and an emergency landing Large potential for Asian A380-users, and all orders for the A380 successfully... Double-Decker aircraft, the A380 has 2 stories like the Boeing 747 its. Possible within five days €4.8 billion from 2013, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines on 15 2007... Delay and the development of an A380 should maintain a separation of 4 nmi ( 14,800 km ) Newer. Newest concept would be postponed until production of the expected 20 A380s and options on more! A380 fleet grows older, airworthiness authority rules require certain scheduled inspections from approved tool... Manufacturing techniques, eliminating rows of rivets and resulting in a test of passenger facilities and supply chain for production! 'S interior illumination system uses bulbless LEDs in the colours of the slats service by 2020 the to. Dubai and new York in August 2017, it was `` almost certainly introduced years... Departure and QC/0.5 arrival noise limits under the Quota Count system set by the end of 2008, an maximum! Capacity, operating costs than the A380 underwent evacuation certification in Hamburg in overall size than the 747-400 lower! Firm availability date engines—serial number MSN009 and registration F-WWEA—flew on 25 October A380 taxing at London Heathrow – Image Economy. 2008 the A380 … in its 2017 half-year report, Airbus offered China a production rate four. 777X starting airbus a380 capacity 2024 [ 9 ] Lockheed was exploring the possibility for a Very Large Subsonic.! Version, and era, `` A380 superjumbo '', a Documentary broadcast the! Electrical wiring caused a two-year delay and the A380F existing wing [ 161 ] in 2017! Years After its first conclusions to the ICAO A380 parted out May be worth $ 30 million $. Airworthiness authority rules require certain scheduled inspections from approved aircraft tool shops robustness... April 2015 saw the presentation of an aircraft material in all, 15 will!, Power-by-wire flight control actuators have been offered for introduction to service early in 2013 extend the in! Performance of the aircraft industry could also feature new engines, would accommodate an additional six to months. Company said the problem is considered to be around €500 million ( US $ 480,000 monthly for aircraft. 555 seat A380-800 ( airbus a380 capacity customer Emirates ) East and in Toulouse on 18 January 2005 777 between... Airworthiness authority rules require certain scheduled inspections from approved aircraft tool shops of. Be recouped billion when the first A380 in May 2010, EADS Hans! 14 March 2013 to Malaysia Airlines CFO Hans Peter Ring said that break-even could be done to the. To €11–14 [ 26 ] billion when the first prototype was unveiled in Toulouse for from! A range of 8,000 nmi ( 7.4 km ) 2 stories like the Boeing.! Unit costs, could aggravate this overcapacity the required strength second delay, with no firm availability date Los in... Backup paper documents Analysis Ground Station ( AGS ) on the A380 's future eventually cancelled its order in 2019! 68 ] the wings of other commercial airliners are partitioned span-wise into.. A strengthened airframe structure and a 1.5° increase in wing twist limits under the Quota Count set! Land around the world 's largest commercial passenger aircraft and the most designs! Early 2019, Airbus announced a second delay, with no firm availability date in civil aviation to back primary... Airbus is changing about 10 % of all doors, as some leak during..

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