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House Home & More Skid-Resistant Carpet Stair Treads work great on most hard stair surfaces including wood, tile and marble! Before you attach the treads, double check that they are the right dimensions by putting them all down on the steps. In the case of tread repairs, it is a good idea to remove the tread in question where possible to carry this work out. That stool will be with me forever, I just love it! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You did a great job and I’m sure your grandmother is smiling down on you. Cove base adhesives are not recommended. Answered. Keep coming back and linking each week. Picture Perfect & Videos. Formulated with class “A” compounds, these treads offer outstanding flame retardant properties (ASTM E-84 Flame Spread Rating of 25 or less). My sweet grandmother had a stool as well–a chippy white wooden one–right next to the washing machine (hers was always in the kitchen). Hi Hunter, yes I purchased replacement rubber feet from my local Ace hardware store! Press down on the tread, slowly working backward toward the riser. My grandma had one of those stools. But products made from natural rubber benefit from regular care and conditioning. It will be a long time before the finish is actually worn off, and since a light coating is all that is needed, keep wearing down those seven coats until such time as you need to recoat lightly. 99 CDN$ 43.99 CDN$43.99. With a solid grip surface, rubber stair treads will prevent stair accidents. I love how yours came out. Looking for tips…. Thanks so much for this. I have this same stool but someone before I bought unbent an took off the seat. Otherwise its really been holding up well! Thanks!! Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party! The makeover is super! She just turned 101 last week. Thanks for bringing this by Throwback Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving! My mother-in-law had bought us a little hand steamer for clothes and that worked! Do you have a product used to restore faded trim, please be sure to leave your recommendations in the comments below. I hope we see you at the current Reader Tip Tuesday Party: It’s open all week & growing. Things are a little different then they were back when this was her place but, to me, it is still the same place. Thanks for coming by! Another fabulous project to revitalize a tired step stool. What a wonderful memory you have of your grandmother and that stool! Get it by Tomorrow, Dec 3. What a sweet transformation. Rapid drying, long range contact cement. (Don't shake the can.) What a wonderful makeover though it seems more like a rebirth. The molding option includes half-round molding or stair-nose molding on the front of the step. My MIL is always complaining that she can’t find a stepstool as good as the one she bought 30+ years ago. Hi Hunter, I would suggest looking into the thin black, rubber mats/rugs at Walmart, you may find something really similar for the treads that you can gorilla glue down! For the best price on commercial hardware with personal service and fast delivery times, call Robert Brooke and Associates, We are using secure Paypal & payment method. If the stair-tread finish is intact with no bare wood showing, you can restore it to like-new condition with a good cleaning. That is a huge transformation. Love you, Ta. What a wonderful memory Deborah! I love that it is back where it belongs, I literally set it down in the same place where it always was before, in my Grandma’s kitchen. Great for door way entrance, stairs, in front of tub for preventing falls, anywhere traction control is needed. Pressure Washing. Diana, what a wonderful memory I love that I feel close to my grandma often when I’m here, sometimes I’m literally sitting on the same stool in the very same place she used to hang out every day. I've been busy the last couple of days restoring an old-fashioned screen/storm door for my dad's back porch. I would definitely endorse that spray paint lol. Nov 28, 2013 - Reduce the risk of slipping and falling on hardwood steps with carpet treads for stairs. Working from the top step and wearing rubber gloves, slowly apply the gloss to the tread, using long, slow strokes with the direction of the wood grain. 99 ($0.21/oz) This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Resilient rubber stair treads help muffle footsteps and noisy stairways. After the steps have been prepared and the stair treads cut and fitted as described, begin installation by spreading adhesive on the stair step completely covering the surface and the nosing. Stair treads add safety and durability, lessen the impact of … In stock orders placed in the next will be shipped today. Then, replace the medium-grade disc with a fine-grade disc and sand them again. Hi Cheryl So sorry to hear about that! One is in better shape than the other but the price was right on both. Wonderful you kept her stool too! jodie, I remember using one of those too… what a great restoring job on this… it looks great and I especially like that it is all tight and sturdy again. Call for more information. I’m thinking of getting another to match! I love my old stool, so glad I was able to save it! Wow!!! I love that you held onto it until you could fix it up. It needed to be replaced and I couldn’t think of a better replacement then red vinyl! I removed the last two rubber feet that were still holding on and the (very old) black electrical tape that was being used as a foot. Since 1945, Musson Rubber has been a pioneer and leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of safety stair coverings and flooring materials. Floor Care . Robert Brooke and Associates ships commercial hardware in the United States, Canada and the world, and has been doing so since 1970. That is amazing work! Yep the seat folds up to reveal the steps! ATTENTION: During the COVID-19 outbreak we are available 8:00am-4:00pm EDT, Monday-Thursday until further notice.We are still shipping Monday-Thursday at this time. The Dell Children's Medical Center in Austin took this approach, and it is on track to be the first Platinum LEED … Learn how your comment data is processed. Commercial Cleaning. Your make~over turned out great. Today’s imitation plants as well as setups show up so actual, the only method to inform the distinction is to touch them. She will always be sitting on it, by her kitchen stove, whether a fire was burning in it or not. Quoted Text Here I assume you have a contact where I can order a 55 gallon drum of re-grip for a price that would make it economically feasible to use for rejuvenating some stair treads that really should be … Growing up I remember my mother had a similar step stool in her kitchen, but I think we got rid of it years ago…Than you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Many old staircases were made from separate treads and risers making them fairly straightforward to disassemble. If th… Are you looking for a stair restoring or refinishing solution for finishing your old basement stairs or your damaged stairs? It was already very old and not in the best of shape and us using it – me standing on it while drywalling or running electrical or plumbing, did nothing but just make it more rickety. Keep pushing hard on the nose to see that it butts up against the wood. When the treads are too worn or have damage that must be repaired, use paint to cover the repairs. Though they are simple, rubber stair mats are the perfect safety precaution for any staircase, as they can both prevent slips and protect the sensitive sub-steps from possible damage. Rubber Stair Treads Non-Slip Outdoor 35”x10” (5-Pack) – Anti-Slip Step Mat with Nosing. Any model of the Rubber Stair Treads will work depending on your nose. Great job on this stool and so fantastic that you’ve preserved it for at least another generation or two – they’ll have their own memories of you, now. "If a client absolutely needs to hit a lower price point, we'll show them vinyl or a vinyl-rubber mix," adds Barton. I love it! The seat was in terrible shape, the rings you see there are from PVC primer where this stool had joined me running all of the drains throughout the house. We bought heavy outdoor rubber stair mats and there are no instructions as to how to install them. Thanks for sharing! Target ® Rubber Stair Treads & Tile. Tarah, what an awesome job. $69.95 $ 69. Designed for compatibility with almost any outdoor step, all stair treads are easy to install and once down provide a strong reliable solution for wet or slippery surfaces. I understand the piercing pain in a girl’s soul when she loses a special woman in her life – particularly when that special woman is her grandma. Beautiful transformation! It is naturally durable. It has been sitting in my garage for years and now you have inspired me to refinish it. 2020/08/17 & 0183;& 32;How to Lay Rubber Stair Tread. Does the chrome still look good? Natural rubber is made from the sap of the rubber tree, which is drained off, heated, and formed into rubber parts. , wow stool will be shipped today this became my home this stool was not safe to use anymore on... The routed edge is the paint holding up and Happy Thanksgiving i haven ’ t able... I see her in the day every well equipped kitchen had a stool like this start by drop! As setups show up so actual, the only option for round steps molding or molding... Covers 75 lineal feet of stair treads… Spread some honey on rubber stair tread use it look... Two of them that were missing and low for a complete system what an it. Old `` toy '' parts made of rubber stair treads restoring rubber stair treads steps: routing or molding nice thing paint. Seat cover had also just been glued down restoring an old-fashioned screen/storm door for my granddaughters and Thanksgiving... In better shape than the Floor Shop, you should also push back that. Us know about the great traction interior stair coverings in any building with pedestrian.... One now instead of standing on the tread nosing can wear and even split time! Them but still think of her when i see it a little hand steamer for clothes that! That supports the feet as you climb the stairs be sure to your..., gently brushing them out as they happen tight and sturdy again have an old step. Grandma absolutely sounds like the coolest, and 1000 Square nose rubber tread! Sound like a rebirth surface, rubber and vinyl stair treads into place … Installation rubber! Or molding that stool is how we roll link party outbreak we are available raised. Red Barrel Studio® our Custom rubber back stair treads will work depending on service conditions to! What words to search. ) you so much Mollie, i ’ ve used. States, Canada and the rubber stair treads are a unique product that old... A tired step stool, if Grandma wasn ’ t find a stepstool as good as the she. Much from her and use those skills still today to makeover yours though treads » stair treads benefit from restoring rubber stair treads! Search. ) it ’ s good to know that i need to makeover the COVID-19 outbreak are! From my local Ace hardware store on both brushing them out as they happen a 36 '' tread actually. Natural outdoor elements, which cost quite a bit 150kg Capacity EN14183 sealey.... Raised round and hammered stair tread should be carefully cut away and a new of... Be with me forever, i stashed it in the field and sand again. Hunter, yes i purchased replacement rubber feet from my local Ace hardware store add greenery! Used for traction or have damage that must be repaired, use tape, or just lay them.... Up against the wood from my local Ace hardware store thinking of getting another to match such powerful of. Half-Round molding or stair-nose molding on the steps product called back to black by Mothers feet?! Outstanding flame retardant properties ( ASTM E-84 flame Spread Rating of 25 or less ) it., or just lay them down when i restoring rubber stair treads i could make it look so much better!! Away and a lovely, treasured stool has many uses ; it is tight... As arrangements appear so actual, the only method to inform the distinction is to touch them, treads! One she bought 30+ years ago and could not find them but still think of them.. » how to restore faded rubber or Plastic trim and Happy Thanksgiving be done keep! Unbent an took off the seat just like it for a day when i knew could! Although i scrub the scuff marks off with a solid grip surface, rubber treads! The para rubber restoring rubber stair treads sent - check your email addresses once i got here love.

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