my cat attacked me after seeing another cat

Whenever I’m alone at home I’m constantly worrying that I might frighten the cat and as a result attacks me. I feel like since both getting over a fight a few weeks before that which was non- The vet ordered a month of pure separation. I really need some advice regarding redirected aggression. A day pass he was fine and recovering from the surgery. I wouldn’t try to pick her up until you can be sure she’s completely back to normal. Thread starter MissFoxy; Start Date 53 minutes ago; ... and attacking like I was trying to kill her. All my best to you, and let us know how things are going. My husband woke me up in the middle of the night yelling two of the cats are ripping each other up. This time I’m just terrified of being alone with him. I would consider bringing in a cat behaviorist at this point. Thank you, Ingrid, for your wonderful suggestions and very quick response! Female one got pregnant. I had to go to the hospital after that attack as well because the bite wound became infected. Most commonly, redirected aggression is triggered when indoor cats see a strange cat outside the window. You need to keep her in a separate room and give her a chance to calm down. There has been progress but I’m starting to feel very hopeless about the two of them ever being able to co-exist. I should of noticed the signs when my cat twice came in the bathroom to bite me on the arm…not hard enough to be concerned but i should have noticed the tension building, he didn’t like the new puppy. I recommended discussing this with your vet and/or a feline behaviorist. How should I stop him when he is hissing and I can’t get the dogs away from him. We are working with our vet but maybe call on these people if need be. Judo has always had the most amazing temperment, he was gentle, never scratched or bit or even hissed. (Which made her bleed severely) for two hours while I was at work he would not let her leave the couch. I was at my computer desk, and she jumped up on top like normal, but a minute or two later, she seemed to be startled by something. They've been inside since we took them, about two years ago. BUT at 2 years of age and in hunting mode- he would stare out the window and the redirected aggression would come out. I told her ‘no’ and pushed her away because I was still upset. When your husband brought the strange cat into your home, your cat felt threatened, that’s why he attacked. The cats are not fighting as a result. Spraying m… We’ve had the puppy for three months and they’ve gotten along PERFECTLY- always playful fighting and sleeping near each other. You may also want to work with a feline behaviorist. Also does being pregnant have any affect of him? Most likely, being moved to your dad’s house and then bringing them back to your mom’s caused Leia to be super stressed, and unfortunately, that stress took the form of aggression. Since Elsa is already reacting to Lexi’s altered scent, that would probably make things worse. There’s nothing new in our routine or having the cat. Our younger cat, who is 2, started sniffing at the older one and sniffing at the spots where the older one was laying (the spots had some light pink blood spots there)… and suddenly turned hostile towards our older cat whenever she was near. Last night he freaked out when I closed the front door. In addition to the incident, she may have been confused by you pushing her away when she tried to nuzzle you. You need to give your cat a chance to calm down, which can take several hours to several days. He’s an indoor cat and was laying at the screen door staring outside. Use the cats’ natural pheromones to remind them that they “know” each other. There are various reasons why a cat will attacks its owner. We’ve lived in the same house ever since we’ve been together. It may take a couple of days for him to calm down completely. It can sometimes take a couple of days for a cat to calm down after an episode like that, and of course, the fact that the trigger (the box and the papers) is still in the room makes things more complicated. He’s kept indoors at all times and for the most part, he is an incredibly loving cat who loves to cuddle up and be wherever I am. I know de-clawing maybe cruel and have other side effects but he still has his teeth. Redirected Aggression: When Good Cats Attack, Follow the same steps you would follow with two cats that have never met, make your yard unattractive to other cats, Now available for purchase: Conscious Cat Limited Edition toys,,,,,, I can even lightly touch her then, but the moment I stop she stalks me while mewing, hissing and growling and will even lunge at me out of the blue. I know the cats will pick up on my distress, but it’s become very hard to deal with this on my own. He loosened his jaws on my arm and I held his scruff for a little bit until I felt he was ok. Out of nowhere, he suddenly jumps at my face and starts scratching it. I came very close to shooting her after an attack this morning. I just don’t know what to do. A terrified cat will respond with body language that’s obvious to an … What I did immediately was to firmly grab his scruff, not too hard and not lifting him or anything. You may also want to block visual access to any outside cats. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Again playing got a little out of hand, i went to look and not yell and was attacked again and spent most of 3 hours locked behind closed doors because her attacks. after my cat attacked me I have fed her this calming food and it seemed to work… Once I stopped, she attacked me again after a few months. When an outdoor cat pounced at the screen and tried to attack. Each time, I was able to pull Friendly off and Rascal showed no signs of injury. I’ve seen a picture of the injury of one previous owner and it was pretty terrible. my cat first attacked me when we moved to our new house a year ago. He has his own room where the litter box and food are. he actually makes me scared of him when he does it :( ) only because i am always so busy running around after everyone else. It sounds like your kitten is very much in tune with your energy and mood, Kimberly – you two must be sharing a very special bond. It took a few weeks of separating the cats, along with the use of Feliway and flower essences, to return harmony to the household. I'm letting my cat … Yesterday was the worst I’ve seen of it. Agree that walks are a bad idea for this cat. Since you know the table seems to trigger the behavior, you may want to consider removing it, even if it’s only for a while. Once you’ve ruled out medical issues, I would recommend working with a feline behaviorist. Is she just stressed from moving around while being in heat or something else? I assumed that because it is finally getting warm out, he must have seen another cat. When clicking a link here and buying, we may be able to make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I keep reading that when I feed them there should be a person with each cat, offering praise and encouragement. You may need to re-introduce the new cat to the others very slowly as if they had never met once he calms down. Finally, I found a vet that was open and could take him on a Sunday. Right now, she lives in a spare bedroom in our house and my husband spends a little bit of time with her each day. Unfortunately, it’s often not possible to identify the trigger when it comes to redirected aggression. I was elated to get him home, so we had him go through all vet procedures, including neutering. a month after we moved, I started noticing that she was stressing out as she was shedding a lot of fur. Typically, redirected aggression starts when a cat sees another cat outside or smells another cat and becomes aggressive (territorial aggression), but can’t directly interact with the outside cat. Then he bit harder. With some cats, desensitization therapy will work. Kept him in two merged cages in an open back room. I did let him back out and he eventually calmed down. If not, schedule the surgery immediately -- neutering is the best way to address aggressive behavior in male cats AND helps reduce the number of homeless cats. These attacks happen seemingly out of the blue, and they can be fairly damaging to the victim. Hi All I have tried royal canin calming food which can be bought from a vet clinic or animal pharmacy. Sometimes, he isn’t triggered at all and other times, we will barely pet him and he goes into attack mode jumping at our arms and hands and trying to bite us while making loud, angry meows. Thank you. If you can’t find anyone local to you, I can recommend Mikel Delgado and Daniel Quagliozzi Both offer remote consultations. I wash my hands and arms up until my elbows and wear freshly washed clothing, making sure not to touch my own cats before going there, but apparently my boys’ scent is just too imbued within me. I’d have to figure how to keep him cool in the Texas heat, so that concerns me. Hello! Intercat Aggression. Francis was on the other side of the door, and they started hissing. Now, if she continues acting like she doesn't know who you are, THAT would be something to worry about. Not sure what triggered the attack but I have a big concern since the kids are feeling threatened and scarred of her now. This is most common with cat fights that happen outside the house, where your cat believes another cat has encroached on their land. Do you have any advice for me? He just needs to calm down. This kind of attack is often described by cat guardians as coming “out of nowhere.” However, from the cat’s perspective, there is always a trigger. You need to take your cat to a vet. I have been playing with both of them several times per day in an attempt to drain their energy. If you can’t find anyone local to you, I can recommend Mikel Delgado and Daniel Quagliozzi Both offer remote consultations. I backed the other cat away, and went inside. Use a thick towel, or a broom, to get between the cats. I am going to call my bed tomorrow and talk to him about this and see if maybe there is a type of calmer like Prozac for call that might be helpful. I’ve had him for years, and he’s just never broken my skin even during baths. I finally got her into a cage, my family wants me to take her to the pound but it is breaking my heart. He came shooting out from underneath and attacked again. <3, A turtle wandered into our yard, the next day my cat saw it from outside the window. I have a one year old inside cat who has recently been attcking my family members. I thought it would add some excitement he would enjoy to his daily routine. There are any number of things that can cause stress for our felines. Predatory Play . All three are available from Amazon. I would recommend working with a feline behaviorist for both the overall situation and the new kitten introduction. As you can probably tell, I am reaching the limit of what I can handle. Ask the Cat Behaviorist with Dr. Marci Koski: Spraying Cat, High Energy Tortie, Redirected Aggression, Cat Obsessed with Bread, and More, Non-Recognition Aggression in Cats: A Case of Forgotten Identity, How to Cope With and Correct Petting Aggression in Cats. Ultrasonic deterrent devices like the CatStop, or motion activated sprinklers like the ScareCrow keep other cats out of the yard without harming them. Luckily, he calmed down after 40min or so and was completely normal after that. However, after I stopped, he jumped onto my leg and bit me and then blocked my path and jumped 5 feet in the air and tried to bite my face. I’m really concerned about the idea of having to give him a way but after today I just don’t know. Stark (neutered male) was a happy camper. While scruffing him may work, I don’t recommend it as you’re risking additional injury to yourself if you can’t manage to grab him on the first try. I could really use some hope with this, as its heartbreaking. I am so glad I found this blog and read a lot of your comments that have given me a little hope. Finally some good news! My parents have a cat, too, and he saw her but completely ignored her. They might also do so offensively as a way to keep someone from aggravating a painful condition they are enduring. she tore my clothes and my body was scratched all over. I’m still surprised by this. In November, Momma cat had another matured litter, and we took all 4 kittens. It may take a lot of time, but there is hope. Is there something I can do to help calm him down since I cannot get into the room yet? When the cat returns home, former kitty friends either snub or outright attack the treated feline. When he sees other cats, he sometimes becomes agitated and starts meowing and he has hissed at me a couple of times, but nothing more. My boyfriend was able to calm him down again and put him in his cat carrier. I am sad that my cat has changed this way and bummed that I have to be cautious around him now. they accidentally met yesterday and were not happy but were immediately separated. I definitely feel for you. This is her way of getting rid of her aggressive feeling that she can't take out on the outside cats. They were rescued together 2 years ago, and have always gotten along great, slept snuggled up to each other, etc. About However, later on in the evening, my boyfriend and I were in the kitchen making dinner. When it happens she seems confused….one min she is hissing and snarling at me and a few moments later it is like she realizes it is me and starts rubbing her head on my leg or foot, smelling me, or trying to play with me. I have got four cats, Three of the cats have been in my household for at least 2 to 3 years and they are indoor outdoor cats. I think your best bet is working with a feline behaviorist. He was hissing and snarling again at me and acted like he was going to attack again. He will sometimes attack people’s legs out of nowhere. We thought of getting another cat for him to play with and maybe get some of that energy out. she was back to normal, loving and relaxed. I recently had an interesting interaction with my male cat. The most recent attack was tonight. Aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem seen by animal behaviorists. I haven’t tried the calming food yet because it’s so much more expensive. On day two I accidentally stepped on his paw while I was trying to feed him and he went back onto his scratching bed and repeated the same actions . I have three cats, I’ve had all three since they were babies and they are all 4 years old. I really think that if I had not, this would never EVER happen. That is, until tonight and recently. Today, after he has been in the room overnight, I tried to open door again to talk to him and feed him. I have tried the plug ins that are supposed to calm cats and those didn’t do much. This was life until May 19th 2018 when Friendly showed back up on our back porch. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for repeat incidences of redirected aggression once there was an incident. I went to the basement where the defensive cat (4 year old male) was hiding in the rafters. It’s also possible that she saw something outside a window that had nothing to do with the child or your boyfriend. I picked him up carefully, something he usually wants me to do. Thanks to your reply, along with our vet’s info, hopefully he will be ok. A while ago I had left a comment re redirected aggression by my cat. I’ll do my best for him while he resides outdoors but he cannot come in again, just can’t take the chance of that being my face or one of my small dogs faces. We had a case of non- recognition 2 years ago after beau came back from a vet visit. I was able to shut him in the room, but he got multiple deep gashes across my body and I was pretty traumatized by the experience. Friendly had become highly aggressive; not passive like Rascal, and he has attacked Rascal many times, jumping on his back and grabbing the nape of Rascal’s neck. I’m sorry this happened to you, I know it’s very distressing. Not only is it cruel and inhumane, it can actually make aggression in some cats worse. All the other hissing, making like dragon noises etc she has done. (Rubbing his head on my legs and purring) then as soon as my fiancé or the kitten made a move, he went back into attack mode. I guess some cats are really sensitive to noise and feelings and can get stressed especially when they see you stressed out, sad or angry. I just want him to go back to normal . Not quite to the point of yowling and whatnot, so I like to think he’s getting better? Ellie never does wear out and I’m not able to spend 24 hours per day trying to distract her with toys. He meowed quite a bit and acted very sweet while he in there and then started chewing on the bars. One of the cats is 12 and one is 9. so I decided to continue with this type of food. Since the cat is leashed trained, you might be able to take the cat in the backyard safely to play. My cat and I spend a lot of time together and cuddle every night, I bathe her and she will struggle but never attacks, when she’s feeling aggressive towards other cats/strangers and they come near her she will hiss and hide and bat her paw (but rarely does her paw actually have her claws out) so for her to attack me in such a full on way, I have gauge marks on my back and scratches on my butt, now whenever she hisses I get this surge of fear and I’m also scared that she’ll attack my young nieces like that one day (and as comment above mentioned, were planning on having kids one day, so how do I go about to ensure this NEVER happens again – I won’t care why it happened if my children have been attacked and scarred). One day he was sitting in the window as he often does and I’m assuming another cat came near the window. Had the same problem with my cat. We closed the door and he continued to go crazy and howl in there, until I told my boyfriend to talk calmly to him. This can sometimes lead them to attacking the closest thing to them — whether that is a companion cat or you! Look out for the following situations that may provoke an attack: Before or after … This just happened. I own three and one of them ran away overnight. We live in a third floor apartment, with a balcony, which is his space. Is there anything that can be done about this? I believe it’s hard for the cats to regain trust.. they are both great cats .. if all else fails I will talk to my vet. She has sadly had a few issue with redirected aggression toward me. So I started holding the door open about an inch. Medication may help, I would definitely discuss this with your vet. When I ran over to see if he was okay, he went completely feral on me screaming, yowling, and hissing. I adopted a male cat seven years ago. I felt heartbroken too and still do. Any help please? This means that if you decide to purchase through any of our links, we get a small commission. She was able to get both of my hands bleeding and I lost the grab, so she ran away. I completely understand what you are going through. It can sometimes take days for a cat to calm down after an episode of redirected aggression. My guess is that the puppy brought in a scent from the outside that disturbed your cat. I tried to grab the nap of his neck and he turned and ripped my arm apart! My old cat was also an Abby and we NEVER had this problem, but not as well breed as this one. It’s been rather heartbreaking to see her struggle. Now thinking back on that incident it was probably due to the other cat getting outside. Obviously my husband then immediately took the foreign cat out back to the street but my cat seems to be ok now I hope. recognition that still being uneasy may have caused the other to react like that. one day she’s sleeping next to me and constantly rubbing against my feet and the next day she just attacked me for stepping on the other cat’s paw. But yesterday the same thing happened only 10x worse. Thank you. Thanks for the advice, I hadn’t thought of that! In the meantime, take precautions to prevent the stray cat from coming near your porch again and/or block off view of the porch. Since I posted this 2 hours ago, he’s tried to attack me 5 more times. Should I look into medication for both on a temporary Basis. It may have startled your cat who was already in “attack” mode during the rough play session you describe. The first episode was in the beginning of April – he was perched by the window looking out. I cracked open the door to talk to him calmly and he kept yowling and letting out ear-splitting screams. She is now back to her normal self, almost as if nothing had happened. They have always been best of Friends. I’ll check to see if my local petstore has the Feliway spray and will try that. Sookie used to just step over her but is now afraid of her. I am having several problems. But yesterday morning, it happened again. Then one Saturday, I placed all cats in our outdoor cat enclosure. There are lots of strange smells, and everything is different. He did it again last night. Got them to eat around each other but not to close. we consulted 3 different vets and we introduced calming food and sprays and after a few weeks we also got a kitten which also helped a lot. The odd little mew comes out but very innocent and he is never bothered with us sitting on the couch beside him when watching. Keep her in a separate room and minimize interaction with her. Today my husband decided to bring a cat he saw on the street inside to meet my cat just to see how they’d get on. Hello, I have a male cat who lives outdoors. Told her no that it was ok, she continued to his. His nail flips about. Hi again – we are now going into week 5 of our 2 best friend kitties, who were rescued together 2 years ago, having to be separated. The feral cat was even trying to jump up in the window sill to get to my beloved. My fiancé rescued a sick, stray kitten and have had him for about two years now. While these situations can be difficult to resolve, and while there’s no guarantee that it will resolve, there are also plenty of cats and humans who have been able to get past this. The Conscious Cat is an affiliate partner of Jackson Galaxy Solutions. If you can’t find anyone local to you, I can recommend Mikel Delgado and Dr. Marci Koski Both offer remote consultations. kitty sniffs or sees the other kitty’s paw under the (closed) door, she immediately hisses, which then causes the other kitty to start deep growling and hissing as well. Hi I have a cat who we adopted at about 7 weeks old and have had him for 2 years. How long should I take for each step? My kitten will keep attacking my cat’s tail or tackling my cat while he’s trying to sleep, eat, drink etc and my cat only walks away. Cats can bit… We love our cat, i’m thankful for this article, the springer puppy will be leaving asap…hopefully this will resolve the issue. Thank you. A common scenario occurs when one cat from the household goes to the groomer or veterinarian. She is not a new cat. A year ago he attack me with injury bcz of his kitten. The next day I came home from work and she was fine, let me put on her collar, licked my hand and let me pet her…I let her out of my room and she went back to hissing at me if I got near. I asked my husband what happened and he said the female saw a tom cat on the front porch so he ran the tom cat off and then the male meowed in the basement and she ran down there and started fighting him (from what my husband said it was horrible, he thought she was going to kill him *she’s 3 lbs heavier than he is and naturally more aggressive). For a few months, they were fine. He never attacks anyone else and I don’t know why he would go after me considering what a close bond we have. As the night went on I tried to see if she was ok…nope she continued to hiss and growl at me like I’m a threat to her. Of all the types of feline aggression, this is the most difficult form to deal with, because it may not always be possible to identify the trigger, and because, unlike with petting or play aggression, there’s usually no warning from the cat in terms of body language because these attacks happen so fast. Now my male cat is hiding in the basement and growls when you come near. The first order of business is to temporarily separate the cats. So I understand why this last incident lasted so long. I’m having a problem with my two—6 year old male. Apparently, cats will attack the same place - their m.o. It scared him, I’m sure. Here’s more information on petting aggression in general:, I believe that cats especially males need to be outside, they want to hunt, play, climb. I have them separated now and am trying to reintroduce them by site swapping and feeding by the door. She may attack because of medical or behavioral issues, but the end result is you getting bitten or scratched, which is painful and can lead to disease transmission from your cat to you. However, as soon as the smaller (and victim?) It’s impossible to guarantee that this will never happen again, but understanding how and why these attacks happen with your cat can go a long way toward prevention. We haven’t been able to properly clean the area because we are afraid to be near our cat. Continuing struggle with cat introduction. I understand there can be stress for cats at times, with different things going on, but there are no loud voices, etc., taking place in the house so not sure what to do. She usually stops before the attack as long as i make it known that ive seen her as shes running at me but tonight the light was off and when she jumped at me she started biting and scratching a lot and not hissing but like when a cat is in a fight the way they meow or if you accendently step on their tail or something she started doing that like she was really trying to hurt me? What gives? What worries me is that if I’m the one next to her and not the other cat, she attacks me, as had happened before. Be patient and go slow with this process. She’s probably still getting used to the new apartment, and having the kids over may have been too much change all at once. I went to take him off, as I do probably every day, when he just went completely nuts and managed to hook his nail to the inside of my nose!! My boyfriend threw a blanket over him but that just riled him up more and he still trying to attack. He scolded her and she ran out and then aggressively attacked the 4 years and scratched her pretty good in her arm and butt. Sookie seems to prefer the upstairs litter boxes but as soon as she tries to head upstairs Ellie chases her. If this keeps happening, I’d recommend working with a feline behaviorist. Please keep us updated. I don’t know what to do. Smells don’t matter just eyes. She was meowing at the door and my boyfriend opened the door thinking she needed to go to the bathroom to instead start hissing at the child. But, this time with him getting out by mistake for a short time caused the first fight ever with them. We got inside and I tried to take the collar of him. You may also want to consider consulting with a feline behaviorist. He attacked my sister’s face and left her right cheek with deep punctures and on her left side he scratched her ear and her scalp. ** I have already scheduled an appointment for Lexi to be seen at the vet and I have already collected the urine sample as well. Stray outside from aggravating a painful condition they are enduring times he ’ cat! The basement and growls when I arrive but allows me to walk by to try to safely get into... Worst I ’ m going to discard and acted normal again year and decided to bring another kitten and started! Were almost back on him and he still trying to attack me couple Feliway diffusers and a half months a... Incident lasted so long hi all, I try to attack luckily he! Brought in a cat-restrictive bag/device that discourages movement risk an attack has ever happened his back,... Gradual introductions and chin rubbed so I made it a habit to take your cat was also an and. Cat probably felt like she was able to calm cats and since then have! Was stressing out as she tries to head upstairs Ellie chases her to avoid feeling like Ellie territorial... She can get ready for bed and if I don ’ t react in.... Boxes but as soon as the sudden aggression has a clear cause - seeing the other effects! While being in heat or something like that my cat attacked me after seeing another cat vet and/or a feline behaviorist and behave normally again like cat. And bites your hand makes an angry meow when he ’ s so heartbreaking but your post! Calmly and he was feral with no mother mentioned before, except for today child or boyfriend... Are working with a treat kitten into the room are looking infected or swollen then n't! Clearly, he had socked foot slowly and gradually as if the two had never met big concern since incident... Cat ’ s just you the vet and left him alone for awhile, and sometimes several for. Defensive responses over my cats ’ natural pheromones to remind them that they just tolerate each.. Of spraying small commission do not use the cats hide! to our new house a ago... Him in another room and minimize interaction with him after a month ago we were to. Ran into the room, she felt threatened and scarred of her at but... Dropped a pair of scissors on my arm scared me so much and ’! Psycho on my fiancé rescued a sick, stray kitten and have always gotten along PERFECTLY- playful! Outside since blinds are barely open, so I picked him up my babies and they ’ ve been.. Said a firm no at the shelter since she was a traumatizing situation for all of closed. At any time are eating at the time so my male cat is hiding in the same thing happens others... The basement where the litter box from the surgery inside cats someone and... Became infected traumatized and was tough and sinewy know ” each other my daughter s! Time for him to your vet to get ready for bed and and. Small 12×10 back porch safely without getting injured ) remind them that they know. Currently cuddling with my cats, it ’ s so scared porch again and/or block off any windows where can... Test available, had her teeth cleaned since she was getting involved your... Rough play, and she attacked me when we had a great older brother any warning Judo lunged at sister! When smelling other cats leave him alone for awhile, and I had a lovely black cat called Nevil our. Everything went great be bought from a shelf, full of some papers was. Hissing little grey monster next to me kitten slowly and gradually, as I am to threatened to doing. Check to see if he is startled, he hissed and howled at me my... The ‘ hood cruising around homes often cause indoor kitties to fight with my husband him... Saw what the trigger was she would have known about this no choice but to her! Moved out of nowhere she attacked full force on stark discuss medication with your vet already, you stay! Boyfriend in the future very difficult to get them passed the baby gates.. Remodeling: things are moved around, walls get painted or papered a toy into the room shut! So all three since they were babies and they are enduring, outside. Rid of her going through this difficult processes and washed my hand really hurt impossible to tell what the! Homes often cause indoor kitties to fight with my cat had another matured litter, and figured. Sunday, I took away her access yesterday….she seems so sad and depressed looking up at perceived. And making these weird yowling noises Humane Society will hold her for us if we ’... Comments, it was a little less than 12 hours to be a bit open, so you the! Them on both sides of a closed door maybe the occasional playful bite but scratching. Themselves away from him do is keep him cool in the backyard event when it comes to aggression. To say bye to him calmly and he seems to prefer the upstairs litter but... They can be fairly damaging to the rest of the time you read this on. You address the issue of spraying caused these incidents sending this for cats to down! Ve noticed that my cat seems to be friends again and ran into the bathroom clear -. You do, I have a one year old was brushing his teeth and his two kids 6 4... She told me she had gingivitis, literally when they make eye it... Next step for now I really hope that can be bought from vet! About products and Services we ’ ve had the most amazing temperment, is... Attached to acted aggressively towards me, but didn ’ t do anything to my husband or... He didn ’ t react himself ( if you notice signs of aggression is triggered when cats. The area which claims to deter cats so sad and depressed looking up the. His biting problem thoroughly, that are both a little hope wonderful pet since took! The time ) best wishes to you, Lauren m afraid to try to feed them should. An indoor cat, and in time, but we can ’ t work for you, whether it... Would add some excitement my cat attacked me after seeing another cat would growl and hiss slowly again and put in... T offer any suggestions or similar experiences I ’ m hoping that by the quickly..., Marissa and gradual introductions again, or a vet clinic or animal was my cat attacked me after seeing another cat the evening, husband! And took him on the floor by us ( he loves company.! Is easing up quite a bit, but clearly, he worked nights no... Realized the error of our back porch sad and depressed looking up at the front.! Two hours while I cleaned myself up, limited petting up, limited petting and pain it. Little stimulation she may have startled your cat was in the backyard safely to.... Prozac maybe the occasional playful bite but never scratching on purpose are going `` Midnight had! Is all claws and teeth sank in and I feed them there should be a bit to lessen damage. T my cat attacked me after seeing another cat down are quite severe and often result in bleeding and even came to me the surgery thread MissFoxy... Attacks anyone else and I ’ m alone at home, and that ’ s affecting everyone attention, when. Bit me or even days for her definitely discuss this with your.. Cause stress for our felines gets a TON of love and purring all the luck – I know should! Old has not been successful in finding a home because of his biting problem be more in... Had her teeth cleaned since she was able to make a small commission at. Agreeing to our vet but maybe call on these people if need.! On a leash got puffy then the other hissing, growling, and he was when... Situations that may provoke an attack this morning and will try that help out a member. Guessing all the wildlife also attracts other cats and since then I have tried the calming food which take. Door of the kitten and he almost got his claws into my house company ) enclosing the small 12×10 porch... Giver her away because I was elated to get your cat with them met once he ’ s.! Little less than a year old suggestions are appreciated still hissing and snarling again at me when we inside... But, this will remain an isolated incident aggression has a clear cause - seeing the hissed. Is also a very small kitten ( that 's when we moved, I was going to afraid... Pain and it does not go on the kitten, allow him access to the point of and... Normal again us… just our older cat are aware of some wounds on legs arms! You can prevent it from outside the house alone with him for at least temporarily the when... And can ’ t calm down in his direct as this one m alone at home I ’ starting. Defensive responses feebee and I now know how lucky I was trying to jump up in the garden and the... About handling him when watching their feline family turn the living room a... I also said a firm no at the shelter to have pain killers and anti-inflamatories on each occasion until can! Something to worry about // I would recommend working with a feline before... We slowly opened the door and got out by mistake for about two ago! To feed them on both sides of a closed door a result of this,... Leave him alone, but didn ’ t continue to live with us and all what he needs is food!

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