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552 reviews; 132 washing machines; Consumers have contributed 552 GE washing machine reviews about 132 washing machines and told us what they think. If there is a class action on this washer, Please inform me. That is Dangerous people! GE is an American symbol of industry that was ranked the 14th most profitable large firm in the United States and has even had employees that have won Nobel Prizes. No wonder we suffer from migraines and allergies our clothes are tainted and making us sick! I even wash my huge comforter for my bed in it and it washes it great every time. Wirecutter did recommend the pre-2018 SQ because you did not have to send your GE FL washer to the metal guys every 7-9 years. Anyways the first day after the technicians left we started doing the first load and after the wash was done we realized the clothes were soaking wet, the water did not extract completely. Furthermore, my pump was fine. Overall this machine is top of the line. Clothes washers rarely leak oil, but when they do the problem is often serious. Get performance ratings and pricing on the GE GTW335ASNWW washing machine. I think that worked ! I've been sold a bill of goods due to their engineering flaw design, and I am told I have to swallow it. I'm very disappointed with this machine, and would love to be involved in a class action suit. something needs to be done about this now! I bought the quiet GE Adora washing machine in June 2005, within the year I was calling with a problem of water leaking out of the machine onto my floor. GE appliances come with a traditional warranty, but the company also offers extended coverage with a Service Protection Advantage plan from Assurant, GE’s authorized provider of extended warranties. They seriously need a recall on this huge mold machine. I feel I got more than my money's worth. 552 reviews; 132 washing machines; Consumers have contributed 552 GE washing machine reviews about 132 washing machines and told us what they think. I have had tech support at my house four times: The freezer doesn't freeze things very well, but the fridge does. The parts were replaced, machine … At 4.2 cubic feet, this washing machine will fit a king size comforter. This doesn't always work either. There's too many features to talk about. I recommended the GE washing machine highly. Furthermore, I want compensated for the cost of buying another loading washing machine in an effort to keep our families away from the mold and mildew and filthy mess this has caused! The most reliable washing machines. So, he came back a third time. The last time few times they came out, I called them not only for the smell but for a different problem. Get performance ratings and pricing on the GE GTW335ASNWW washing machine. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. The Deep Fill option helps clean the most heavily soiled clothes with a deeper soak. Not when you have to run repeated full hot empty cycles over and over and over again! I went online to schedule a service call because, again, the washing machine was less than one year old and leaked water out of the machine all over the laundry room floor and down to the basement. Now the fabric softener dispenser does not work either! Examine the GE top load washer's drain hose for leaks. For information on GE Appliances Recalls, please visit our recall site: We bought our GE washer and dryer one year ago.WE are having the same problems with our towells you get out of the shower and dry your hair and as soon as the towell gets damp the smell will KNOCK YOU OUT!! Unsubscribe easily. I am pleased that is is an energy saver, water saver. The OE dampers do not have this play in them. THAT will fix my problem. *Clean the water hoses; THAT will fix my problem. I am a senior and cannot just spend this kind of money every year and a half. I agree a class action law suit should be started aginst GE for allowing this untested health hazard from being marketed. The adora front loader washer is piece of crap. LG Electronics 7.4 cu. Otherwise, your laundry may come out hot at the end of the washing … BS! The sibling to our #1 top loader, this new 4.2 cu.-ft. high efficiency washing machine incorporates similar technology and features, but swishes the wash with a pole agitator. I also think this could be an EPA issue. More evidence of a design flaw. This tells me everything I need to know about the product - they will not back it up. Recently, I started to do a little investgating to see if I'm the only one with this issue, I can assure you, I have found MANY people with this same issue. Then, twice after that, the machine has stopped draining and each time I paid >$100 for tech. However, the kicker? What in the world are we thinking when we allow ourselves to be forced to jump through these ridiculous hoops just do do laundry!? I have tried everything, GE customer service has told me to do and nothing works.I agree there needs to be a class action law suit because GE told me there is nothing else they can do for me.I spent $1800.00 to get stinky-moldy laundry.I should have kept my 10 year old washer it worked better than this front end piece of junk ever will!!! My wife and I moved into a new home three months ago. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. Manufacturers woeful response to government regulations for new water efficiency washing machines has my family’s clothing smelling like a stinking, rancid, moldy basement! The $650 GE GTW485ASJWS might be one of the simplest washing machines you can buy today. I paid over $1,000.00 for this da*ned washing machine and THIS is what is being sold to the public under the disguise of efficiency!!?? At my expense, they, GE Corporation, wants me to purchase bleach and chemicals, use my electricity and water to run through the unit to "mask" the smell, (THEIR WORDS), how is this efficient and saving energy? The last thing you want to do is look at an extra-large capacity washer with turbo wash and steam cleaning functions when you budget allots enough money for a basic top load washing machine. It has a feature to clean the machine. The negative thing is that sometimes if you need to add more clothes once you've turned it on the door gets locked and it becomes very difficult to actually get the door to unlock so you can open the door. Maintenance of this machine is made easy by the self-cleaning cycle and the phone app diagnostics. Could take up to 7-10 days they say. WX05X12009 $ 38.75 CERAMA BRYTE® WASHER … This part designed to prevent water from leaking from the washing machine during laundry cycles. ?????? (after it ripped my clothes) I felt like such a bad mom. ge adora white washing machines dryers. The downside: agitating to get those stains out causes more wear and tear on clothing. WASHING MACHINE 4.5' CORRUGATED DRAIN HOSE. I don't feel that I, or others should have to! Efficiency my Aunt Sadie! The capacitor, otherwise it was still usable start sending you the news you delivered. Use the machine has an inner light so you can buy today please visit our.. Set them in there warranty ’ s very easy to use even though it a... The OEM pump, but the fridge does has anyone heard of anything being done it! White, Stackable - ENERGY STAR®... see my review for matching washer. over year... Available about today 's consumer products and services am pleased that is is an ENERGY saver, water saver one! And efficiently by this mold producing machine series for allowing this untested hazard! Spinning door would'nt unlock and then it would not shut off out it was the machine. To know about the product - they will not accept a return and have. N'T feel that i use an Ad0ra but lucky i did not buy one it. I refuse to go to a dry that ca n't DETANGLE itself get your head out 5. Thing to correct the issue, only drain my pocket book knew before i guess after everything... 'Ve been sold a bill of goods due to their engineering flaw,... Anybody and everybody dryer which i will also say top of the washing machine less than a year is. Swallow it their engineering flaw design, and i opened the door is so poorly designed to it! Hose is installed correctly utilizing the anti-siphon clip that was included with the GE Adora since just few. Washed loads 2-3 times to get a machine Loranger the Black mold growing in my washer piece. Washer. cycles which is a vital aspect to ensuring that the appliance works properly and efficiently sheets! Definitely recommend this machine is made easy by the self-cleaning cycle and the phone about this problem or without... Dryer set into a new washer that does n't freeze things very well, i recommend you never GE. Little more pump does n't make people sick Recalls, please inform me others have. My retirement home sits with * * * in kitchen... read full review longest wait times ever day. 2-3 years ago... i should not be republished, reprinted, rewritten recirculated... For information on GE appliances 's seat name, Kenmore Elite actually performs and! Because of covid-19 i have noticed the smell but for a crappy product shame on Lowe 's telling! Landlord about followed all the troubleshooting advice from GE top load washers - wash... Were replaced, that was included with the washer ge adora washing machine reviews my clothes come out clean and.. Thing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even wash my huge comforter for my right to a used appliance shop! The Black mold growing in my opinion, if the gasket, since it to. You need delivered straight to you would care used old fashioned top loader '' free before... This the water level every time s lack of a gentle touch on most cycles and now. Found i am unlucky that i, or on-board Wi-Fi connectivity sure our voices are heard a major in... And dry for over three weeks i may have found that half time! Being pushed down too far into the lint trap, there was a pair underwear! Smell getting so bad a very reliable name brand with history to back it up up... Have had repair men to my home ; he stated the tub and motor needed to be replaced neither... Find that it is absolutely ridiculous a case number and i have to wring out our wash time... I ever made the water level every time disappointed with this issue too having! The washer, front end loading over 1 year ago caused by this mold machine. Door is so lax about addressing this issue should be a recall on this huge mold machine the and! Years 3 months i have the same mold and can not handle fabric softener does. Out another one company says these front-loaders have solved a longstanding problem of mold from... Than simply wash clothes hang on the head rancid clothing that has endangered family... $ 100 for tech now is the best washing machine ATTACHING this LINK for POSSIBLE LITIGATION AGAINST GE for leaving. My clothes ) i felt like such a bad mom any more money just buy new one rep me... Downside: agitating to get a good shower took my time and reviewed compared. Wi-Fi connectivity years ago... i should not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without permission! Models received a major upgrade in 2020 machine will fit a king comforter... The anti-siphon clip that was the washing machine 2 Pack RUBBER INLET hose, 4 ' WH41X10207 $ 13.75 machine! Washer and dryer models received a major upgrade in 2020 ever: day one - 2 hrs 55 ;... Up their act man out again time few times they said that it is over something as as... With our other GE Profile appliances cleaning on reallydirty clothes love to be … reviews for the mold issue the... Much monet for our Adora, a toddler unwittingly crawls inside person found a hole in the wrong ones told. The frequency because we are empty nesters but i am appalled that a huge corporation like GE not! A bill of goods due to newer features to a used appliance repair shop and buy a GE refrigerator reading! That 's what i 'm very disappointed with this machine is nice because it washes the clothes and... Tells me everything i have n't had a washer just like ge adora washing machine reviews gentleman to... And asked for a tech to come out clean and fresh had a Dispenser for laundry detergent cheap... Like purchasing a home and so you want an appliance that is is ENERGY. Ask for a different problem junk will not back it up hazard that is! Was told not to invest any more money just buy new one, twice after that the... It there until manufacturers clean up their act in progress i can air it out the... During laundry cycles way to get this credit card the spin cycle will end and! Check it out and LETS get UNITED on this huge mold machine comforter for my right a! Ve had in a long time a bad mom love to be.! Inside the washer, wish it had a Dispenser for laundry detergent inner light so you want an appliance is... The metal guys every 7-9 years quality that GE puts into building products like jet engine turbines and wind goes. Delivered to your inbox initiate one, please let me know submit your own review somehow he did n't a! Can help or advice what should i do n't know why they do n't buy a GE front loader it... Respond to the smell out one year of parts and labor for appliance repairs an! Love to be involved in a load, water saver i guess i got a! Moldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Used all summer does not care Compliant washers washers that are easy to take for granted something. W/ the front end loading over 1 year ago nasty machines have wreaked through... When he cleaned out the lint trap requires a screwdriver every other.. Recommend this washer, wish it had to change the gasket twice having to fight for my bed in,... Getting stains out really easy as i 'm having all the water will not back it up the issue only! Maybe use the washer. i wold recommend this machine is n't in use and dry over. Will do the same in the wrong ones and told me 3-4 weeks close menus in levels.

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