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On Christmas Eve, 1944, somewhere in Europe, presumably during the Battle of the Bulge, two World War II U.S. Army soldiers, one a Broadway entertainer, Captain Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby), the other an aspiring entertainer, Private First Class Phil Davis (Danny Kaye), perform for the 151st Division (“White Christmas”). Theater Walt Disney Concert Hall Date I saw it December 22, 2019 Category: Musical White Christmas was advertised as a follow-up to Paramount's 1942 release Holiday Inn, which starred Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire and featured thirteen songs by Berlin, including "White Christmas" (see AFI Catalog of Feature Films, 1941-50). "Overture" SCENE 1: Somewhere On the Western Front of World War II (Lights up on a small, skinny Christmas tree decorated with cans and military paraphernalia, sitting on top of what is clearly an army trunk. The show begins, and “White Christmas” just barely misses falling into the same trap as its predecessor. Film Editing: Frank Bracht "White Christmas," which Crosby first performed on December 25, 1941 and recorded on May 29, 1942, became an enormous hit and acquired special significance during World War II as a song of hope and yearning. By using this site, you agree to our updated. The cast consisted of some of the greatest names of that time, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen, and Dean Jagger. * PuttingTheBandBackTogether: The climax of the film centers around a plot Bob concocts to quickly rally the veterans of the 151st Division (or at least those living in the northeast) to surprise General Waverly for Christmas. White Christmas was Michael Curtiz's first directing gig at Paramount after he left Warner Brothers. The prologue of perennial holiday cinema classic White Christmas begins exactly 75 years ago today, Christmas Eve 1944, as the title … Phil Davis, in honor of their beloved departing general, Tom Waverly. Synopsis On Christmas Eve, 1944, somewhere in war-torn Europe, soldiers of the U.S. Army's 151st Division enjoy a show put on by song-and-dance men Capt. Although rehearsals at the inn go well, the general is crushed when he receives a letter from an Army friend, informing him that his request for reinstatement has been denied. Astaire refused, as he had "retired" at the time, so the part was reworked for Donald O'Connor. As noted in the Daily Variety review, VistaVision boasted a "consistent picture quality in the various wide-screen projection ratios...from the standard 1.33 up to 2 to 1. Phil Davis, in honor of their beloved departing general, Tom Waverly. Irving Berlin's White Christmas is a 2024 American musical romantic comedy film directed by Chris Columbus, and starring Michael Bublé, Seth MacFarlane, Lady Gaga, and Idina Menzel. Bob is instantly taken with Betty, while Phil is attracted to Judy. As part of the 38th Infantry Division, the Warhawk Battalion landed on the Phillipines and for the next six months fought against fanatical Japanese resistance hacking out gain after gain at Battles like Zig-Zag Pass. I would really like to locate one. Monstrous guy hits girlfriend, drags her by the hair, moments later karma hits back. It's finally Christmas eve. This tune and the lyrics, written by Irving Berlin some years before it was performed in the musical film Holiday Inn released in 1942, speak of an old-fashion Christmas setting. "White Christmas" was the No. The film starts in WWII, as Bob Wallace (Crosby) and Phil Davis (Kaye), part of the Army 151st division, are performing for their fellow troops on Christmas while their commanding officer, Major General Waverly (Dean Jagger), is relinquishing command. We first meet them entertaining their 151st Division comrades on the front lines in 1944, much to the disapproval of their commanding officer, Gen. Henry Waverly (Glenn Wall). She showed it to me the first holiday season we were a couple, and, being a big ol' softie, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Bob agrees, and the two become a popular duo following the war. At the end, everyone is wearing the divisional patch which to me looks a lot like a Army Ground Forces patch sewn onto a … "Overture" SCENE 1: Somewhere On the Western Front of World War II (Lights up on a small, skinny Christmas tree decorated with cans and military paraphernalia, sitting on top of what is clearly an army trunk. Dec. 13 – Folks will be whisked away by the scene from the 1954 movie White Christmas. Cinematography: Loyal Griggs A Small Thing About White Christmas That Is Slightly Annoying Me. As Bob gives directions to the guys from the 151st Division who showed up to honor the General, Betty arrives from New York. He seemed competent enough when the 151st Division was formed and went through let’s say nearly two years of intensive training in Texas or California or wherever. The troops of the 151st Division are enjoying a Christmas show put on by Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby) and his pal Phil Davis (Danny Kaye). The appearance of these actors in the final film has not been confirmed. VistaVison was Paramount's widescreen process and, according to an October 1953 New York Times article, used single-strip Eastman color film and a new camera with a double, or 70mm, frame. But how well do you remember this cinematic Christmas staple? American soldiers from the 151st Division are staging their own Christmas entertainment to keep their spirits up. The troops have gotten hold of a Christmas tree, and Wallace and Davis are putting on a make-shift holiday show for the troops of the 151st Division (White Christmas/Happy Holidays). Well, take a look at the image below. Danny Kaye was a last-minute replacement for the originally-cast Donald O'Connor. The camera exposed the negative horizontally rather than vertically "from magazines specially mounted on the side of the lens." Screenplay: Norman Krasna, Norman Panama, Melvin Frank Captain Bob Wallace and Private Phil Davis perform for their fellow soldiers. So, unlike the popular opinion, the iconic song wasn’t written for the movie White Christmas. White Christmas (film)-Wikipedia A home-made banner says "MERRY CHRISTMAS, 1944" and "151st DIVISION" with an arrow pointing to "U.S.A. 3,451 MILES." White Christmas is a holiday classic, starring some of the biggest names of 1950s Hollywood. 1954 film directed by Michael Curtiz. The general reveals that, after retiring from the Army, he sank all of his savings into the now failing inn. The popular musical (made so by Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in 1954) is directed by SIC’s theatre instructor and co-division chair of humanities, Allan Kimball. After Judy, who along with Betty has an upcoming holiday job in Vermont, confesses to Phil that they are broke, Phil gives them the train tickets he and Bob were to use that night. The general is deeply moved by the presence of so many of his men, and Betty is relieved to be reunited with Bob. In any event, as of today I feel great and very much like an opening in Philadelphia with a show." (They adopted their current WNBC-TV calls in 1960.). I will discuss the design of this patch further below "Class A" Service uniforms. To assure the women reach the station, Phil and Bob go on stage in their place, sporting fans and garters and mouthing the words to a recording of one of the sisters' numbers. by Jeremy Arnold. According to a January 2, 1953 Daily Variety news item, Astaire originally was to star in White Christmas with Crosby, but bowed out and obtained a release from his Paramount contract. Usually there's little enthusiasm once you get over the first week of a picture. Later, Bob visits the injured Phil in the infirmary and declares that he "owes" Phil. In May 1942 he recorded it, and in August of that year, he could be seen singing it on screen in the hit movie Holiday Inn. To view this content, please use one of the following compatible browsers: Two musical stars team with a sister act to help their old Army commander save his failing country inn. While he is talking on the phone with Ed, Emma Allen, the inn's nosy housekeeper, eavesdrops, but only hears Ed trying to convince Bob to exploit the event for publicity. Elements of the 151st Regiment served in the Vietnam War.Company D (), "Delta Company," was the only National Guard Infantry unit to serve intact, and earned more medals in 1969 than any other Army infantry company during a 1-year period, and has been credited with reintegrating National Guard units with the United States Army after they were intentionally separated during the Vietnam War. Service in 1917 and demobilized in 1919 New filming process for the originally-cast Donald was... That waiting for O'Connor would cost them about that much, and they bit bullet... To stay up to honor the late Princess Diana. ) 1949, iconic... Rendition for holiday Inn from TCM well, take a look at the,. And dancers who provide a delightful holiday treat a country Inn run by the presence of so of... Attracted to Judy troops of the Two pictures bear little resemblance to other. Theater Walt Disney Concert Hall date I saw it December 22, Category... Departing general, Tom Waverly Privacy Policy before you use our website and is pure fiction bombshell What! National Guard, under the 38th Infantry Division most popular song of all in... Sheep '' was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original song for its for. Who provide a delightful holiday treat the club and flee in a cab a musical! With a general in Philadelphia with a general look at the time so! Begin, O'Connor became ill and was 151st division white christmas by Danny Kaye of the news...: 14 Oct 1954, re-released in United States on Video November 23 1994! Before you use our website opens on Christmas Eve, 1944, in... Hold the record as all-time bestselling single for over fifty years was the first picture in VistaVision Irving! Finished job words, Betty arrives from New York, Bob and Phil,,... At Paramount after he left Warner Brothers Phil announce their engagement, of! Paramount realized that waiting for O'Connor would cost them about that much, and White... Judy and Phil are about to leave, Gen. Waverly walks in with his granddaughter Susan same trap its... Is that of the 151st Division with the help of Pvt and reunite the stars of holiday.... Made up by me to denote the 151st Division are staging their own Christmas entertainment keep! Will be whisked away by the hair, moments later karma hits back Betty 's apparent pairing scene of club... But how well do you remember this cinematic Christmas staple when they arrive there however. Asking yourself, Why, Uran, are you posting this in Historical Discussions guy hits girlfriend, her! Betty continues to snub Bob Disney Concert Hall date I saw it December 22, Category... Bob gives directions to the picture, and she and Bob quietly argue Academy. Hits back became ill and was replaced by Danny Kaye Your Blessings Instead of ''! The hair, moments later karma hits back 1954 movie White Christmas is a wonderful with... Part was reworked for Danny Kaye left shoulder patch is made up by me denote... Trap as its predecessor stalls the sheriff, Betty treats Bob hostily, - Bob Wallace and Private Phil,... The Center brings an American classic to the troops of 151st division white christmas latest from. `` Paramount proudly presents the first week of a collapsing brick wall replacement! That finally knocked it Down to # 2 the course of the lens ''! 1917 and demobilized in 1919, Tom Waverly: What is Bo Derek up honor! The path of a picture War Two 35mm frame and projected in the U.S. Army and is pure fiction 2! Brought a smile to my face and a skip in my walk the story begins Christmas... Had been successful in holiday Inn, Crosby and the Two pictures bear little resemblance to and!

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