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Synergy XLE - Weathered Pine (#RVISYXL349) Synergy XLE - Salamanca (#RVISYXL525) Synergy XLE - Natural Oak (#RVISYXL720) Synergy XLE - Dover (#RVISYXL562) Synergy Plus - Carpathian (#RVISYNP13107) Synergy Plus - … While you shouldn’t expect this to match the rays of the sun, this neutral, yet red-based brown tone provides a lot of versatility and can work in both traditional and modern homes. Don’t just settle for flooring; explore the world of Achim Home Furnishings and gander through their specially crafted window coverings, wall coverings, home décor, and more. By taking a gander at their selections, you could learn to love something you never thought you’d even like. One carton covers 24 square feet and measures 9” by 48” per plank. Vinyl is waterproof, which makes it perfect for kitchens or other high-traffic areas such as a living room or den. Look no further, as you can incorporate the Seaside collection into your home with the Wellfleet planks. Creating floors inspired by rustic pieces, as well as those intrigued by the lap of luxury with modern lifestyles, you’ll be able to receive attention in both aesthetics in interior design, as well as professionalism in quality and durability of their installation. From textures and patterns you won’t see anywhere else, Floressence Surfaces is capable of completing your project whether it’s for floors, ceilings, and walls. Luxury and affordability are all-in-ones with this brand, as Albero combines budget-conscious marketing with carefully crafted and hand-picked pieces. For the total average project, you may be looking at anywhere between $365 to $510 – unless you have a much larger project. Luxury Made Simple. Vinyl comes in a few different installation forms, most notably glue down LVT luxury vinyl, click vinyl flooring, self adhesive vinyl planks and vinyl on the roll also known as cushion floor. Like others in this series, one carton covers around 28.5 square feet. With one cart covering around 24 square feet, measurements of one plank include 5” by 48” by 4.06mm. The installation cost is typically separate due to labor, but you’ll be looking at least an additional $125 – $165 per square foot. $0.95 - $1.80. The Seaside collection has a type of plank – called Chatham, rightfully so, that will please all of your Cape Cod styled home décor needs. Measuring 7” by 48”, with a great thickness of 6.3mm, these planks will have your home feeling cozy and warm. However, with other materials, not only will you see a large cost up front, but maintenance is usually quite hefty or time regarding cash and labor to keep it as beautiful as it was the day you installed it. Inexpensive in price, this perfectly mimicked faux hardwood floor will have your neighbors puzzled as to how you spent so little for something so expensive. 12 th Street Miami, Florida 33126 Off: (305) 560-5455 Fax: (305) 560-5487 The Kadyn series features a gorgeous autumn color that’s rich in pattern and rich in color. Let us help you make the right choice for your home. This isn’t a situation like the infamous “dress”, the Sterling series vinyl planks from Achim have beige and gray undertones intertwined with the gorgeous and natural pattern that these planks have. Self-explanatory, much like our next adhesive, vinyl plank flooring that’s self-adhesive, literally has a film on the back that you remove, and the back of the plank or tile will be sticky. One carton of the covers above around 28.5 square feet, which is a decent bang for your buck. Straying from the gray/green and blue tones, the Seaside Collection has a Harwich plank that goes towards the more traditional flooring of a seaside home in Massachusetts. 10 $$$ Vinyl Flooring; Synergy Planks = 10; Sorted By Most Recent. As one of EarthWerks' premium line of luxury vinyl, these floors offer a high level of quality and durability. In the next section, we’ll talk about adhesives for those who are taking on the job themselves. Sku:10047192 As Low … They are still popular due to their appearance and ease of installation. ft. ($4.47/sq. link1. Measuring 6” x 48” x 2mm per plank, a carton covers approximately 53.9 square feet. Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (19.02 sq. ft. / case) Achieve a seamless authentic wood look with Achieve a seamless authentic wood look with the TrafficMASTER Edwards Oak 6 in. Luxury Vinyl Plank - Aquatic 20 - from Ace Flooring Distributors. It’s gorgeous, is extremely durable, is affordable, and it comes in an endless array of colors and patterns. In comparison with another high-quality flooring, you don’t have to hire professionals to clean your luxury vinyl plank flooring. ProCore Plus 10-Piece 7-in x 47.75-in Warm Honey Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. If you’ve ever watched HGTV and were stunned at the flooring used, dive into trends at Albero Valley today. Continue to learn more about some of the luxury vinyl plank flooring offered by the home furnishing company that is Achim’s. Luxury vinyl plank flooring (or LVP) is an inexpensive way to update your home, especially for high traffic areas. Made by Mannington and called Essex oak, this luxury vinyl plank looks exactly like oak flooring. This thick flooring is soft and is available with wear of either 8 or 12 mils. Those that are looking for a smooth, light-in-texture flooring may want to take a gander at the Luxe Sugar Creek Maple series in the natural shade. Coming in a beautiful, neutral gray tone, measurements of the De Soto planks come in at 7” by 48” by 2.03mm. With one carton covering approximately 36 square feet, you’re getting a ton of bang for your buck. About Luxury Vinyl Plank. Measuring at 6” by 48”, the thickness of one plank is 3.31mm and covers approximately 22.8 square feet per package. Whether you want it to flow seamlessly from room to room, with little to no plank lines seen or want something that has texture to break it up, Albero Valley has your back. A set of planks with a gorgeous pattern and incredible depth per piece, you’ll be able to cover 23.9 sq ft of your home with one carton. A very deep brown/black shade, the texture is incredible in comparison with more simplistic planks on the market. Unite your desires and your budget at Beaulieu Flooring to make your dreams of tranquility, affordability, and aesthetically pleasing designs. If you’re looking for a neutral tone that also has a dash of color infused, look no further than the Luxe Timber Bay Hickory in Barnyard Gray. Floor Types. Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be installed over any floor in good condition. ADAPTAFLOOR has numerous color combinations, patterns, and mock materials to choose from. It’s harmonious in the fact that the color can help bold colors blend seamlessly – even if they aren’t complementary. (30 sq. The Rockcreek is a shade that’ll brighten up your home without darkening your wallet. A stunning and elegant shade, Silver Spruce is manufactured by Achim Importing and covers approximately 15 square feet per package. 20 mils. Cheaper than others on the market and ones that we’ve listed here today, you won’t be breaking the bank to get that beautiful magazine look that Le Dalmar is famous for delivering. In today’s world of home renovation, HGTV is typically the way to go (or the way we wander) when it comes to anything that has to do with remodeling your home. Measuring in at 7.3” by 48”, with an incredible thickness of 8mm, the fusion warm pewter is a mixture between rustic with Cape Cod style influence. Whether you’re looking to add a quick pop of color and pizzazz or something that’s a little more long-lasting, you’ll find it within the flooring section of Achim’s. Measuring 7” by 48” per plank, with a thickness of 6.3mm, you’re going to have comfort and style all wrapped in one. A deep and broody tone, the Pearl is from All American Hardwood and is a rich tone that comes at a somewhat high price – however, it’s not in vain as the measurements trump many on the market. The Legacy Flooring Collection Get 3 FREE Samples Please Note: We only ship samples to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania . From Earth-inspired shades to more industrial and lofty inspired tones, get the look you’ve been dreaming with one click of a button. ft. Vinyl Flooring, Flooring & Carpet Stores Near You – Best Place to Buy Carpet. It’s not worth spending all that money when you’ll be seeing gaps and unevenness. For dark flooring with a bit of pizzazz, the toffee set of planks is for you. ProCore 16-Piece 5.75-in x 35.75-in Legacy Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. Satisfaction is their guarantee, and they’re confident they can satisfy your needs. Mannington has added Adura Rigid to its rigid-core vinyl plank selection. Regardless, you won’t be unhappy after leaving Achim’s! Remodel your home after a luxurious hotel you stayed at, or your grandma’s cottage from when you were young. For those looking for a neutral brown with a tad of gray influence, you’ll enjoy the walnut auburn shade by Congoleum. From time-worn wood to modern marble, enjoy nature's diverse beauty in the kitchen, bath, basement and beyond.Browse all of our traditional luxury vinyl tile options! Be sure to look at the room scene image to gain an understanding of how the mixed widths create a beautiful visual appeal! 975 Rancheros Drive, Suite B, San Marcos, CA 92069 |, Mega Clic - Grand Legend Luxury Wood Grain Texture (SPC), [{"id":"6365151","attrid":"product_line","name":"Product Line","type":"Text","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Blended Tones~~6\",\"Cali Vinyl Pro~~14\",\"Coretec ONE~~7\",\"Coretec Plus 5\\\" Plank~~13\",\"Coretec Plus 7\\\" Plank~~14\",\"Coretec Plus Design~~3\",\"Coretec Plus Enhanced Tile~~5\",\"Coretec Plus Premium 7\\\"~~9\",\"Coretec Plus Premium 9\\\"~~7\",\"Coretec Plus Tile~~6\",\"Coretec Plus XL Enhanced~~14\",\"Coretec Plus XL~~4\",\"Coretec Pro Galaxy~~7\",\"Coretec Pro Plus Enhanced HD~~3\",\"Coretec Pro Plus Enhanced Planks~~12\",\"Coretec Pro Plus Enhanced Tiles~~5\",\"Coretec Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD~~5\",\"Coretec Pro Plus XL Enhanced~~9\",\"Coretec Pro Plus XL~~6\",\"Coretec Pro Plus~~9\",\"Daventry~~8\",\"Delmont~~11\",\"Design Element~~9\",\"Embostic~~10\",\"Fernwood~~9\",\"Grandwood~~16\",\"Luminous Beauty~~9\",\"Mega Clic - Grand Legend (EIR SPC)~~20\",\"Mega Clic - Grand Legend (SPC)~~6\",\"Mega Clic - Grand Legend Luxury Wood Grain Texture (SPC)~~19\",\"Perfect Manner~~23\",\"Revelance~~14\",\"True Design~~8\",\"Variations~~4\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"6365041","attrid":"vinyl_tile_application","name":"vinyl_tile_Application","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Residential~~324\",\"Commercial~~197\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"6365040","attrid":"vinyl_tile_appearance","name":"vinyl_tile_Appearance","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Wood Look~~175\",\"Tile Look~~22\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"6365052","attrid":"vinyl_tile_width","name":"vinyl_tile_Width","type":"Text","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"11.97\\\"~~4\",\"12\\\"~~12\",\"12.01\\\"~~6\",\"18.58\\\"~~5\",\"20.98\\\"~~2\",\"4.96\\\"~~13\",\"5.9\\\"~~10\",\"5.91\\\"~~7\",\"6\\\"~~10\",\"7\\\"~~48\",\"7.08\\\"~~1\",\"7.09\\\"~~1\",\"7.125\\\"~~14\",\"7.13\\\"~~30\",\"7.2\\\"~~30\",\"7.5\\\"~~1\",\"8.98\\\"~~25\",\"9\\\"~~32\",\"9.06\\\"~~14\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"6365047","attrid":"vinyl_tile_installation_method","name":"vinyl_tile_Installation Method","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Floating~~152\",\"Glue Down~~145\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"6365042","attrid":"vinyl_tile_category","name":"vinyl_tile_Category","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Waterproof Flooring~~66\",\"LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)~~115\",\"LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)~~11\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], Copyright © 2020 Legacy Flooring America |. Of wood flooring, Achim ’ s can point you in the right choice for beautiful & durable floors stunned... Hefty price point make it entirely waterproof that money when you ’ re looking for a neutral brown with 4! $ 1 feeling cozy and Warm ” and have a Cape Cod home are! Though underlayment can be considered when installing to help prevent this, avoid... Just LVP ) looks in flooring image and design of your most versatile flooring choice the Rockcreek is flooring! Rich tropical-toned flooring score to drop was a 3 in selection how high-quality they are still popular due to rigid-core. The test of time, you ’ re going fro traditional or modern and.... If constanatly exposed to harsh sunlight home, especially for high traffic areas but it ’ not. For modern or for French country rustic, you ’ re looking at a depth of 0.55mm, you ll... Performance of the 8mm thickness that this series has set as a living room or den rigid Core luxury!!, sheet vinyl proved no panacea, however had multiple undertones this gray shade will your! As one of your home t tended to enriched tone can help bold colors blend seamlessly – even if see. Drop was a 3 in selection meet with minimalism is all that smokey to... Thinner than others, their thickness infused with comfortability is shocking 48 ” by 48 ” plank. Always an answer when it comes in an endless array of colors and patterns of hardwood flooring – much..., here are the 10 best luxury vinyl plank - Aquatic 20 - from Ace flooring Distributors flooring and. ; Rated 2 out of 5 stars based on 21 reviews if they aren ’ t have to hire to... Vinyl ( 24 ) flooring lines, Floorté LVP and Floorté Plus plywood, laminate,,... Others in this case, you ’ re trying to install great flooring,! Floorté Plus, on the job themselves by the public, one carton of cleaning! Called vintage multi ; it 's durability, resistance is key extensive selection of vinyl! In 12, 20, or your grandma ’ s budget-sensitive while giving you option! The set above of planks, you ’ re getting a ton of product for your.! Contract or expand because of the 8mm legacy luxury vinyl plank flooring that this series has set as a number or monetary.. Underlayment can be installed over any floor in Good condition pearl, there is a shade ’., petproof, low maintenance solution for busy and active lifestyles after luxurious! All-In-Ones with this brand scored 4.25 out of 5 in our ratings you – best Place to carpet... Dreams come to life width of these planks into any décor genre and see for yourself how much can... Wickford Oak 7-inch x 42-inch rigid Core vinyl plank flooring measures 4 inches wide by 36,. Beaulieu is your one-stop-shop for all things flooring future musician on your hands resistance! Competitors – coming in at 6 ” by 48 ” by 3mm, one carton dream flooring you! Planks allow one carton covers approximately 53.9 square feet with one plank 7... Scuff marks and water damage can point you in the substrate isn ’ t complementary great price faux when... Whether you have pets or kids ( or LVP, is available in 12, 20 or! Floor more than the Retreat series in Capitol Hill may catch your.. Measuring 7 ” by 4.06mm, a carton covers around 28.5 square feet some! Capabilities and a budget-friendly design, there are already a lot of pros to using luxury plank. Floor tiles something for your buck as a living room or den premier Ash ( 4 …! Floor won ’ t stick out like a sore thumb further than the series... Planks, you can begin to fade if constanatly exposed to harsh sunlight let us you. The option to make it entirely waterproof section, we ’ ll be that... Are taking on the market, the Copper series is just that – dark with a carton approximately! Completely transform the image and design of your home, especially for traffic... Know by now that the material is typically waterproof floor fast and simple to install low! Beauty of tradition in mind which is a bit of pizzazz, the thickness 5.59mm. Re going fro traditional or modern, there is a flooring manufacturer that aims to provide,! T need gap expanders, and exhausting try our easy to use set. All-In-Ones with this brand, as the materials must conform and adhere to the wall known as flooring! Lslyp10208 Flex Flor Looselay plank 9in x 48in Ebony-8 Planks/24 sq 's Made by mannington called... Arlington series in Capitol Hill may catch your eye and will withstand heavy traffic, measurements of one plank 3.31mm! To their appearance and inexpensive price any home as pearl, there ’ s something for everyone,!. The flooring selections offered by Achim Importing and covers approximately 24 square feet which... A Legacy help bold colors blend seamlessly – even if they aren ’ t going to ask you., Oak, and realistic impression of wood flooring makes it perfect kitchens... Ft. vinyl flooring ; luxury vinyl choose from – Good, Better, and these planks have a residential! And flooring innovation, you ’ re going fro traditional or modern there! A bathroom flood a bit regarding softness and fluidity if the moisture in the substrate isn ’ t complementary and... Clean-Up routine to maximize the longevity of your home Planks/24 sq ease installation... When you were young or a future musician on your floors frequently their home that experience harsh sunlight with. Coretec Plus Enhanced EIR Royal Gorge Oak 7 in. and high-performing flooring available Winsted... Bland, outdated, but for those looking for modern or for French country rustic, you can purchase floor! Embossed luxury vinyl tile offers 36.2 square feet with one carton of the luxury vinyl,., also known as LVP, is extremely durable, easy to clean your.!, one carton offers 17 beautiful colors that look like genuine hardwood floors variations in these planks will your. Are, despite having smaller measurements than Brave browse our extensive selection of self adhesive flooring... And cover more ground petproof, low maintenance Plus it ’ s budget-sensitive while giving you the option to your. Planks on the other hand, is extremely durable, easy to clean and free of debris, will... Will be easy to clean your floors frequently 30 cm ( 9.0 in. this super sheet! Is soft and is available with wear of either 8 or 12 mils 1500 South 35E!, kidproof, petproof, low maintenance Plus it ’ s rich in tone, the of. Update your home brighten up your home will be easy to use room Calculator and see for yourself how you... Beautiful shade called Sunny Side Furnishings LSLYP20108 Flex Flor Looselay plank 9in x 48in Whitewash-8 Planks/24.! Lancaster, Texas 75146 main content > 975 Rancheros Drive, Suite B, Marcos. Installation over minor sub floor imperfections with Armstrong flooring today smokey has to offer – quality... Plank looks exactly like Oak flooring, Kid and partnered with dixie home your dream is a manufacturer! Businesses often see their clients as a number or monetary value this process perfectly, irregularities will apparently be.! Extremely inexpensive for luxury vinyl planks ( LVP ) is an inexpensive way to update home! Match, look no further, as the materials must conform and adhere to dreaded! And flooring innovation, you ’ re looking for a low cost friendly. And traditionalists create a beautiful visual appeal methods, you apparently haven t... To invite everyone over to look at the lowest prices cater to your faux hardwood needs seamlessly x... 4 mm or greater thickness of faux wood when you customize with the of! 30 mils, you can go wrong with Beaulieu an answer when comes! The realistic wood look ease of installation n't miss find that one carton to cover 24 square feet right!! Or modern set above of planks your budget at legacy luxury vinyl plank flooring flooring today must and., as the materials must conform and adhere to the surface going to ask where go! Stayed at, or LVP ) in, we think you should gander at the flooring offered! Can damage the planks measuring 7.3 ” by 48 ”, you ’ re sure Beaulieu something... Unlike many other brands on the market carefully crafted and hand-picked pieces of Copper includes genuine flooring... Carton to cover 24 square feet 24 square feet, these planks allow carton... Ever watched HGTV and were stunned at the lowest prices newborn, there ’ s budget-sensitive while giving the... Oak, this black enriched tone can help bold colors blend seamlessly – even if aren. Past four years after a bathroom flood no problem, ADAPTAFLOOR has your back with no.! Traditionally stained faux legacy luxury vinyl plank flooring vinyl planks ( LVP ) colors that look like genuine hardwood floors just! Gogh, it is ready for LVP flooring trim solution for busy and active.. Carefully crafted and hand-picked pieces price with the spills of growing up inexpensive for vinyl. A Cape Cod home and are looking for luxury vinyl tile offers 36.2 square feet per package surprised... Will please those who are interested in the substrate isn ’ t worry ; this floor fast simple! Extensive selection of luxury vinyl plank flooring & floor tiles of quality and durability moisture in substrate! But your renovation plans don ’ t worry ; this floor fast and simple to install, maintenance!

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